A Close Review Of The Professional Career And Life Of Eric Pulier

Based in Los Angeles, Eric Pulier is a respected entrepreneur, philanthropist and author, who has impacted the business world and social communities positively. His contribution to supporting startups cannot be overlooked while he has also invested heavily to ensure those with special conditions are catered for to become part of the society and to lead normal lives.

He has founded several companies that have stood up in the market for years. Some of the most successful companies Eric Pulier founded include Akana, Media Platform and Digital Evolution. He has invested largely in capital funds and charitable organizations and has been a mentor to many aspiring entrepreneurs.

Early life and education
Pulier grew up in New Jersey and attended early school in the same region. He had a lot of passion for programming and computing, a passion that drove him into, while in high school, launching his first computer database company. He attended the Harvard University, where he pursued English and American Literature. He took up a role as an editor and columnist for The Harvard Crimson. He also joined MIT for some classes in computer science. He completed his bachelor’s degree in 1988 graduating magna cum laude.

Position in government projects
Owing to his outstanding performance and professional record, Eric Pulier was listed among professionals that would build and run the 1997 Presidential Technology Exhibition that was held during the second inauguration of the president and his vice.

Mr. Pulier proved his prowess by neatly presenting the project. He divided the whole session into sections, each handling a distinct subject like education, healthcare, government, family, entertainment, environment and space exploration. At the peak of the program, he effected a live feed that allowed interaction with shuttle astronauts. His presentation was applauded, something that led the government to shortlist him for more projects.

Starbright World
To form Starbright World, Eric Pulier offered financial support and availed the technical requirements that would make it possible to establish the company. Starbright World is a community that supports children with chronic diseases.

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