Reviewing The Contribution Of Labaton Sucharow In Solving Cases Of Securities Violations

Labaton Sucharow remains one of the most efficient law firms across the U.S. after serving for more than five decades. The firm works on cases of different nature and they have a SEC Whistleblower lawyer in virtually every specialty. This capability and formation allowed the firm to enter into a new industry, the whistleblower representation service. In 2010, the federal government made some changes to the law to give the SEC additional powers and that resulted to the formation of a new body referred to as the SEC Whistleblower Program.


The new program came as a replacement of the old system of reporting cases of securities violations. Before the program was launched, it would be challenging to successfully share information with the SEC because most whistleblowers feared they would be victimized in the process.


It also made it possible to report from different jurisdictions, thanks to the international reporting requirement the SEC offers. As of 2012, the SEC had recorded a 12 % increase in the number of whistleblowers who shared information from other jurisdictions. This translates to good performance and an improvement in the working of the program to allow more people to access the needed support to expose those who perpetrate wrong doings in the business world.


Contribution of Labaton Sucharow

To support this program further, several law firms joined in the fight by working with whistleblowers. Labaton Sucharow, the first law firm to enter the industry in 2010, offers exceptional support that allows whistleblowers to understand how the cases are handled by the SEC. With this kind of representation, it makes it easier for the whistleblower to be granted an approval to a case and they are able to earn bigger margins of rewards.


Since the law firm was founded more than 50 years ago, it has been working mostly on cases of commercial litigation and the recent wave of changes that occurred in the industry only exposed Labaton Sucharow to an area it is well versed.


Their whistleblower representation service offers each whistleblower a qualified SEC Whistleblower attorney, who ensures the information shared reflects facts and the right state of affairs. Labaton Sucharow also offers coaching to whistleblowers to allow them to understand how the law works and the things they should expect while presenting information before the SEC.

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  1. The amendment allowed the SEC to have additional powers that would guarantee protection to whistleblowers and those whose cases go through are paid rewards. These things that rush essay should be carefully observed by all of them.

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