Democratic Donor George Soros Vows To Keep Trump In Line

Donald Trump may have won the votes of the Electoral College, but millions of Americans are appalled by the outcome of the 2016 election. Trump has a tough road ahead of him, and if Billionaire George Soros and other Democratic supporters have their way, that road will be riddled with political potholes. According to, George Soros, and his Democratic Alliance Donor Club, met in Washington, D.C. recently to discuss Trump’s presidency. George Soros and people like Nancy Pelosi, Elizabeth Warren, and several members of Congress, are developing a strategy for the next four years. That plan starts with challenging Trump’s agenda during his first 100 days in office.

A recent article estimates George Soros personal wealth at more than $24 billion. Forbes gave Soros the 16th slot on the wealthiest people in the world list.  Soros donates millions of dollars every year to organizations that promote human rights, and his Open Society Foundation has donated more than $6 billion to promote freedom and Democracy in countries that are under communistic rule or dictatorships.

George Soros spent more than $26 million to elect Democrats during the 2016 election. He even donated money to Democrats running for district attorney’s seats in six states, according to The last time Soros donated a lot of money to a Democratic candidate was in 2004. Soros wanted to keep George W. Bush out of the White House. Soros had the same feeling about Donald Trump. In July 2016, Soros was interviewed by, and in that interview, he said Trump was helping Isis with his political rhetoric on Time. Trump’s plan to build a wall and to stop Muslims from entering the United States, are not the thoughts of a man that believes in a true Democracy, according to Soros.

The migration issue and terrorism are topics that Soros is very familiar with. He has offered a plan to help the European Union deal with the migration crisis, and he has promised $10 million to fund migrants that start businesses. He has also promised $10 million to track hate crimes. Trump, on the other hand, has other ideas about the American Democracy, and according to Soros, he is not afraid to spend money to keep Trump true to the constitution over the next four years.

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