Nationwide Title Clearing, Inc. Just Keeps Getting Better

Nationwide Title Clearing, Inc. has been in business since 1991 and is the leading document processing company in the United States. The company is the preferred choice for most of the top retail mortgage and banking companies in the country.


Located in Palm Harbor, Florida the 578 employees work very effectively in searching, locating, and transmitting the proper documents to the respective clients. If you have ever been involved in a property closing, you know very well that the closing will not proceed unless the proper lien releases, title verification and transfer and other documents are present.


Nationwide’s efficient and proprietary technology reaches out to every county and jurisdiction in the United States for the proper documents that are ordered by the retail client mortgage companies and title organizations. Just recently, Nationwide has implemented an online ordering function where clients can search online for documents. There has been a recent surge of defective documents, and this capability can help clients see in advance the condition of documents.


Employee training is a big factor in the success of Nationwide Title Clearing. New hires are put through an initial three-week training, followed by close monitoring in their first few weeks of on-the-floor work. In such a closely monitored environment, people learn very quickly what to do in varying conditions.


Employees also have available advanced training modules that can be voluntarily pursued. These are precursors for advancement and time is set aside for their use. At any point in time, 50% to 70% of the workforce is active in this.


Keeping track of what you do is an important habit that Nationwide implemented early in its existence. Chelsea Seguin, the Assistant Vice-President of File Services at Nationwide recently wrote a White Paper on this subject. She stated that by knowing what has happened in the past allows the isolation of the good and the not-so-good so the future can be improved.


Seguin went on to say that many positive factors can be implemented and the negative factors eliminated by scoring past performances. Given the fact that most of the competition doesn’t engage in trailing scoring, it certainly gives Nationwide an edge.


Nationwide has been ranked for five out of the past six years as being recommended as one of the top best 100 companies for employees to work for as noted by the Tampa Bay Times. The retention and maintenance of good employees are vital for any company, and it has certainly been an advantage for Nationwide.


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  1. It is over seventeen years that they have been in business and their employees are ready to die there, no leave and no transfer, those are their words uk assignments review spoke in their behalf. Nothing more than that they were treated with presidency. For it is hard to see such commitment today.

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