George Soros Is Coming Back As a Democratic Donor

George Soros is the largest democratic donor in all of American politics, and he is planning a comeback to ensure that he may combat conservative politics. This article explains how George is looking for the best ways to combat the Trump presidency, and there is a look at what he is willing to do to make a difference as reported by platforms such as Politico. Making a difference is important for all who are concerned about the politics that are now in power. Read this story about George at

#1: He Is Holocaust Survivor

There are many Holocaust survivors who have a platform, and George has the largest platform because he has quite a lot of money to give to the PACs he likes. He is trying to help grow the progressive movement, and he knows that he may make changes with the money he donates, and he has pulled together all the progressive donors he needed to put forward his agenda.

#2: The Summit in Washington

The Washington summit was part of the plan that George Soros had that he used to bring people together, and they determined how they would give their money to fight against conservative politicians. There are many politicians who are not acting in the best interest of the public, and they will be fought by George and the people who have donated to him. They are making new PACs that will help fight these people, and they will go after people who have criminal charges pending such as Joe Arpaio.

#3: Giving For 2018

George is giving for 2018 to ensure that the midterm elections will be a major defeat for the Republicans. He knows that the people who are most impacted by policy are living in local areas where the Republicans are in control. He will give money to people who will help fight against smaller politicians, and a change on the local level may have quite an impact on the 2020 election.

#4: Forecasting the Economy

Forecasting the economy is a part of what George does, and he explains often what he sees that is the same as crashes of the past. He has been around long enough to see the economy ebb and flow, and he will show the world that there are many warning signs that they must look to. The warning signs are there for all to see, and George will continue to bring them up because he believes everyone in business should be careful. Read more on CNBC about George Soros.

George Soros has had a lovely career, and he now gives back with all the money he has made. The money that he has collected from his donors will help to push ahead the progressive agenda, and he knows how to help fight a conservative president in the future.

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Marc Sparks Is The Rightful Definition Of A Social Entrepreneur

Marc Sparks is not your average entrepreneur; the serial businessman builds companies with valor and innovation. He owns a family office and is the man behind Spark Tank. Spark Tank is a creative concept that focuses on social service entrepreneurs and their revolutionary ideas. Successful applicants are judged on the impact of their projects to communities.


Spark Tank is a concept that was built with the objective of creating an impact in communities across the US. The idea was born after Marc Sparks succeeded in supporting the Samaritan Inn, another excellent project that provides shelter to the homeless. On the early days, the Samaritan Inn was a simple social services project, but it has grown over time to become a source of shelter and food to over 200 people every day. The Samaritan Inn operates on a $3 million annual budget.


On August 2016, Marc Sparks together with Lynne Sipiora were ecstatic to present a winner with the second Spark Tank award; Mommies in Need. Spark Tank award is in the form of a grant and is awarded to small community organizations that are non-profit in nature. The grant is in the form of $5,000 grant and can be used by the winner as funds for their non-profit venture.


Mommies in Need, the second winner of Spark Tank award, is an organization that helps families who require childcare support due to factors such as health challenges and emergencies but is not capable of affording a nanny. The team offers nanny services to such families at zero cost.


For organizations to qualify for the Spark Tank award, they have to be a 501c3 organization that has run their operations for two years or more. The contenders are given an opportunity to pitch their ideas against the Spark Tank panel and answer questions from the jury. Spark Tank board then settles on the idea with the most impact on communities and the Spark Tank program itself.


Marc Sparks is an acclaimed entrepreneur. Through his zeal and hard work, he has been the reason behind the success of some enterprises. He is the majority shareholder in companies that are dominating the technology space such as Blu Jay Wireless, Cardinal Telecom, LLC and Cobalt Real Estate Services, LLC.


Marc Sparks has built a fortune for himself creating business solutions for communities in Dallas and the US as a whole. He is passionate about bringing change to communities, and this informs his resolve to fund community projects. So as to have a greater impact on more people and nurture them on their journey to business success, he has written a book titled, “They Can’t Eat You.” The book aims at guiding entrepreneurs to begin their trade as soon as they finish high school.


Securus Technologies’ Customers Are Using Technology

Securus Technologies is providing technologies that are able to revolutionize the entire incarceration environment. This way they are able to help facilities in improving public safety.

Securus Technologies is informing about what its customer are saying about using technology in order to solve as well as prevent crimes. These would include the inmate-on-inmate crimes too.

There have been a lot of comments coming in through formal letters as well as emails received from jail officials from all around the United States. These are officials who have the task of preventing as well as solving crimes in prisons. They are required to make the incarceration environment much better as well as safer.

These comments talk about new products or services being developed to aid law enforcement along with corrections officials for solving as well as preventing crimes. They are receiving thousands of letters as well as emails about what Securus Technologies is building. There are comments on what they are doing in order to keep society, as well as inmates and their families, and even the parolees safe.

For Securus Technologies, building safety is the highest priority. They are focused on protecting as well as serving.

Their customers appreciate the assistance they get on cases by using information from the data on phone calls. This helps in obtaining search warrants in cases of corruption and so on. This leads to solving many cases.

The prison officials are also monitoring calls that contain information regarding alcohol use, or drug selling and even drugs being used in the facility. There can be other calls that refer to possible access of an inmate to a cellular device, or else threats of any kind or any suspicious conversation with regard to money being transferred. There are calls which pertain to any past incident that may involve shots being fired. There may even be a reference to any civilian admitting towards the sale of prescription drugs for a discount.

Tammy Mazzocco the Central Ohio Real Estate Expert

In the early stages of her real estate career, Tammy Mazzocco was a secretary for a nine-man commercial real estate office. She continued to serve in supportive roles for the next ten years or so, which was very helpful because she learned a lot about the business from the standpoint of the details and office perspective.

In 1999, Tammy Mazzocco decided to make the jump from the supportive end of the business to the sales realm because she decided that the financial opportunities were there for her. She joined the Judy Gang Team of RE/MAX that year. Judy was a good friend and a mentor, and the connection has worked very well over the years, for more details visit her page.

Tammy is located in Pickerington, Ohio and her real estate practice covers Pickerington and the four surrounding counties. She works very diligently every day and is very successful at what she does. She starts each day early and spends the first hours getting through paperwork, emails and office things. Then about mid-morning, she gets on the phone to start scheduling appointments to show homes to prospective buyers. She is adamant about having plenty of activity out with clients because that is where the sales happen, more details can be found on her Crunchbase profile.

Tammy will often say that she owes a lot to her co-workers and Judy Gang who helped her in the early days. She started out being a little shy, which one would think of as unusual for a real estate person. She especially had difficulty asking clients about their finances, which is important information for a realtor to know about. A co-worker simply told her to come right out and ask, because if the potential buyer is really a prospect they will tell you. So she tried it and it worked, so she never had that problem again.

Being proactive is Tammy’s approach to things and one of the best strategies she uses is to make goals of what she needs to accomplish, and then she breaks them down into action steps so that they are easier to accomplish. Keeping busy at the right things is what makes things happen in the real estate world.

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One very important ethic that Tammy always does it to put the needs of the client first over her own. She treats the client, especially their time and finances, first and puts her needs, like the commissions she will earn on a sale, in the background. The clients know when you are considerate in these areas, and that is why they want to do business with you.

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EOS Lip Balm Becomes Incredibly Easy to Spot

Anyone that has been to a recent baby shower or wedding shower may have found themselves eyeing some of the lip balm spheres that were created by the Evolution of Smooth. These colorful spear shape containers have started to pop up in places where many people may not have expected. It is the colorful look of these products that have made it easy for consumers to buy these products in bulk and decorate for certain events. This is one of the reasons that this company is selling more than a million of EOS lip balm pods weekly.

It has become a brand that people simply recognize without effort. It is moving off the shelf at a much faster rate than companies like Blistex or Chapstick. This is all due to the excellent marketing that has been put in place by the owners of the Evolution of Smooth. This is considered a small company in comparison to other bigger well-known companies like Chapstick that have been around for a much longer period.

Anyone that has managed to take a look at the bountiful amount of spears that are available are well aware that these are easy to spot. When consumers come into a Walgreens or Walmart it is evident that these are the products that are going to stand out more so than any of the other lip balm products out there. That was a big part of the marketing strategy for these products, and now it is easy to spot these spears instantly when celebrities pull this from their purses.

It has become the type of product that doesn’t need a lot of marketing anymore. The groundwork has already been laid and the celebrity appeal is giving this product even more of a boost. Consumers recognize this product line easily. For more info, visit

The Purpose Behind Entrepreneurs Like Marc Sparks

One advantage that entrepreneurs have over employees is that they can easily find the purpose behind what they are doing. For one thing, they have to figure out the end goal of the business they are working to get started. For some business owners, it has to be something that they truly believe in.

This will make it very easy for them to actually push through all of the obstacles that they have to face. Marc Sparks himself has taken the time to figure out his true purpose behind starting a business and creating his own success.

Marc’s purpose is to build other companies. He has seen the issues that come with trying to start a company. This is why he has started his business. He wants to help people figure out a path to success by letting them know where they don’t want to go first.

He is also willing to work with entrepreneurs to help them figure out a path that they should go on for the best results. After all, different industries have different procedures that are successful. Therefore, when one figures out what works for him, he is going to be able to experience some of the greatest success imaginable.

Different companies come in different sizes. Marc Sparks deals with people that are sole proprietors. He also deals with people who manage employees. One of the topics that he is willing to discuss with his clients is how to relate to their employees.

For instance, Marc Sparks has found that the best way to manage is by example. People will do what they see. Therefore, he stresses the importance of making sure that one’s actions is in line with his words. This brings about a greater sense of respect for the manager of a multitude of employees.