Tammy Mazzocco the Central Ohio Real Estate Expert

In the early stages of her real estate career, Tammy Mazzocco was a secretary for a nine-man commercial real estate office. She continued to serve in supportive roles for the next ten years or so, which was very helpful because she learned a lot about the business from the standpoint of the details and office perspective.

In 1999, Tammy Mazzocco decided to make the jump from the supportive end of the business to the sales realm because she decided that the financial opportunities were there for her. She joined the Judy Gang Team of RE/MAX that year. Judy was a good friend and a mentor, and the connection has worked very well over the years, for more details visit her about.me page.

Tammy is located in Pickerington, Ohio and her real estate practice covers Pickerington and the four surrounding counties. She works very diligently every day and is very successful at what she does. She starts each day early and spends the first hours getting through paperwork, emails and office things. Then about mid-morning, she gets on the phone to start scheduling appointments to show homes to prospective buyers. She is adamant about having plenty of activity out with clients because that is where the sales happen, more details can be found on her Crunchbase profile.

Tammy will often say that she owes a lot to her co-workers and Judy Gang who helped her in the early days. She started out being a little shy, which one would think of as unusual for a real estate person. She especially had difficulty asking clients about their finances, which is important information for a realtor to know about. A co-worker simply told her to come right out and ask, because if the potential buyer is really a prospect they will tell you. So she tried it and it worked, so she never had that problem again.

Being proactive is Tammy’s approach to things and one of the best strategies she uses is to make goals of what she needs to accomplish, and then she breaks them down into action steps so that they are easier to accomplish. Keeping busy at the right things is what makes things happen in the real estate world.

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One very important ethic that Tammy always does it to put the needs of the client first over her own. She treats the client, especially their time and finances, first and puts her needs, like the commissions she will earn on a sale, in the background. The clients know when you are considerate in these areas, and that is why they want to do business with you.

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