George Soros Is Coming Back As a Democratic Donor

George Soros is the largest democratic donor in all of American politics, and he is planning a comeback to ensure that he may combat conservative politics. This article explains how George is looking for the best ways to combat the Trump presidency, and there is a look at what he is willing to do to make a difference as reported by platforms such as Politico. Making a difference is important for all who are concerned about the politics that are now in power. Read this story about George at

#1: He Is Holocaust Survivor

There are many Holocaust survivors who have a platform, and George has the largest platform because he has quite a lot of money to give to the PACs he likes. He is trying to help grow the progressive movement, and he knows that he may make changes with the money he donates, and he has pulled together all the progressive donors he needed to put forward his agenda.

#2: The Summit in Washington

The Washington summit was part of the plan that George Soros had that he used to bring people together, and they determined how they would give their money to fight against conservative politicians. There are many politicians who are not acting in the best interest of the public, and they will be fought by George and the people who have donated to him. They are making new PACs that will help fight these people, and they will go after people who have criminal charges pending such as Joe Arpaio.

#3: Giving For 2018

George is giving for 2018 to ensure that the midterm elections will be a major defeat for the Republicans. He knows that the people who are most impacted by policy are living in local areas where the Republicans are in control. He will give money to people who will help fight against smaller politicians, and a change on the local level may have quite an impact on the 2020 election.

#4: Forecasting the Economy

Forecasting the economy is a part of what George does, and he explains often what he sees that is the same as crashes of the past. He has been around long enough to see the economy ebb and flow, and he will show the world that there are many warning signs that they must look to. The warning signs are there for all to see, and George will continue to bring them up because he believes everyone in business should be careful. Read more on CNBC about George Soros.

George Soros has had a lovely career, and he now gives back with all the money he has made. The money that he has collected from his donors will help to push ahead the progressive agenda, and he knows how to help fight a conservative president in the future.

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