It Has Never Been More Urgent To End Citizen’s United

What is the biggest threat to the United States?


Among the many political issues that concern America at this time, there are none so urgent as the drive to end Citizen’s United. As the 2016 election clearly showed, big money in politics is still a powerhouse that can swing an election and subvert the will of the people. So long as corporations have the ability to spend without limits there will be no limit to how many politicians they can buy and how many policies they can shape in their favor. This cannot stand. It endangers the right to self-determination and puts the integrity of the political system in the utmost jeoparty.


The Supreme Court decision in Citizen’s United was one of the biggest disasters in the history of American democracy. Wrongfully characterizing unlimited political funding as free speech, it promoted a fallacy based on another fallacy that “corporations are people.” It, in essence, legalized bribery and further corrupted a political system that was already disproportionately swayed by special interests and lobbyists. This disaster becomes more dire with every passing day, and big money continues its infiltration of government at the highest levels.


The current administration is bound and determined to only nominate future supreme court justices who are in lockstep with corporate interests and have a blind spot concerning the danger that big money poses to representative government in the United States. With a Republican majority in both houses, there is nothing to stop another corporate crony from being nominated and affirmed as each justice retires from the bench. In the next 8 years, 3 or 4 such justices may be nominated, assuring that the court will be in the pocket of the corporations for decades to come.


What can be done? Resistance is the aim of the upstart grassroots movement End Citizen’s United, a Political Action Committee (PAC) determined to fight fire with fire and take the same fundraising shenanigans that the Citizen’s United decision enables and use it to turn the tide against special interests and corporations by supporting candidates that favor overturning the decision


Year to date, End Citizen’s United already has accumulated a war chest of over 4 million dollars and counting. At the current pace of fundraising, the organization projects a $35 million fund to support the candidates who will fight against big money in politics and take the fight to the halls of congress. Money alone will not stop the threat of big money in politics, but the collective political action of End Citizen’s United is just the beginning of a resistance that will take back the nation for the average person and wrest the political system out of the hands of the corporations.

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