Lacey And Larkin Frontera Fund: Coming To The Aid Of The Latin American Community In America

Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin were two writers who had their news agency. They were living in Phoenix, Arizona and would publish their newsletter every week, which would cover all the happenings of the area. A lot of times, they would post articles with relation to the politics and criminal proceedings in the state and would receive a decent readership for these articles.

While they were working on their newsletter, they came upon a story about Joe Arpaio, who was at the time, the Sheriff of Maricopa County. He was known for being one of the toughest sheriffs in America, and for putting a large number of people behind bars. He had gained a brilliant reputation for his acts, but few people knew what was going on behind the scenes.

In actuality, Arpaio was indulging in more criminal activities than the people that he put away did. His primary targets were people from the Latin American community, mainly, those from Mexico.

He was involved with bribing judiciaries just to get people of this community convicted and behind bars. However, the image that he had built up was what shielded him from any charges going through against him. A lot of the people that he was arrested weren’t committing any crimes and were valid citizens of America.

Even so, they were being charged for things that they did not do owing to the racist ideology that Arpaio had.

Lacey and Larkin heard about this and found evidence that stemmed it as true, and decided to publish it in their newsletter. Soon after the article was published, Lacey and Larkin were picked up from their homes in Phoenix and taken to holding facilities against their will.

Even though it is against the law to lock up someone in jail without telling them what they were in for, Lacey and Larkin were forced to be there.

They were released after forty-eight hours, only after which they were told what they were in for, and threatened for their writing. After being released, Lacey and Larkin decided to make Arpaio pay for what he did to them, and decided to sue him, the lawyer who represented him, and Maricopa County.

They received a large settlement amount, which they used to give life to the organization that now makes such a huge impact all over America.

When Lacey and Larkin had this experience, they fought back against the system and won, but there are extremely few people in the country who are able to do this. A lot of the targets of people like Joe Arpaio are those who have just moved to the United States, who often do not have the means or funds to fight their battles.

That’s why the Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund have come in as a saving grace to people in America. The organization wants to offer support and legal aid to those who have been put in these positions by the justice system in the country and who want to fight and establish their just rights.

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