Securus Technologies continues innovating in the area of prison safety

Securus Technologies, one of the foremost provider of inmate communications services and prison safety technology, has recently announced that it will be significantly stepping up its efforts to get the word out about the effectiveness of its Wireless Containment System, a device that has the demonstrated capability to nearly eliminate all outgoing cellular calls placed from unauthorized devices within the nation’s prisons.



From battlefield to rec yard


The Wireless Containment System is a direct adaptation of the battlefield technology known as STINGRAY, which was developed in the war zones of Iraq and Afghanistan during the U.S. involvement there. The system was initially developed in response to the widespread use by the enemy of cellular devices to coordinate attacks, place IEDs create diversions.


The system used in the Middle East was far more powerful than the one that has been developed by Securus, but it operates on the same principle. The device spoofs a cell tower, tricking all local cellular devices into believing that they are connecting to the closes tower on the network, when, in reality, they are actually connecting to the STINGRAY device. This allows the operator to do a number of things. They can either flat-out deny the call, giving the caller a message that their call did not go through. Or the user can opt to intercept the message, putting it through normally to the next tower in the relay but now with the ability to listen in on the entire conversation, undetected.


The same principle applies to the Wireless Containment System by Securus. Except the Securus version is specifically designed for use within the nation’s prisons, keeping in line with all FCC requirements and not being nearly as powerful as the military-grade versions. Because of this, the Securus system’s design ensures that it does not interfere with legitimate cell phone traffic originating outside of the prison.


Where the system has been deployed, the success rate in denying illegal cellular traffic has been nearly 100 percent. What’s more, the system can operate in a mode where it allows officers to trace every cellular device turned on within its purview, enabling officers to quickly lean the location of any potentially illegal cellular devices and making the confiscation process much quicker and more effective.


All told, in prisons where the Wireless Containment System has been deployed, officials are reporting dramatically reduced incidence of illegal cellular device usage and hugely increased numbers of confiscations of illegal cell phones. It is believed that the system, if deployed nationwide, would virtually eliminate the ability of any gang in the country to communicate with the outside world using illegal cell phones.


With innovative technologies like these, Securus is continuing to save lives through high-tech solutions.


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