Tony Petrello Helps Out

People should focus on the ways that local companies deal with nearby disasters. Doing so can be extremely telling. Hurricane Harvey was extremely harmful to residents of the Houston, Texas area back in 2017. They had to deal with significant and lasting damage to their residential properties, first of all. They had to cope with intense street flooding. They even had to deal with frustrating supply shortages. It was hard for people to come across sufficient amounts of food. There were quite a few notable businesses in the city that took initiative and tried to do good for everyone, however. Nabors Industries was an example of a company that rapidly stepped up to the plate, to put things mildly. Other organizations that assisted with the process were both H-E-B and even the Houston Food Bank.

Nabors Industries has some extremely busy workers on its team. Despite that, they went above and beyond to do their part for Hurricane Harvey and related relief missions according to They left their jobs for a while in order to assist people. Tony Petrello states that they traveled to any and all locations in the region. If they found out that assistance was required, they had zero problems traveling there. Employees of Nabors Industries went all the way to all sorts of Gulf Coast destinations.


Tony Petrello is a big player among individuals who keep tabs on Houston’s philanthropic and charitable activities. He’s Nabors Industries’ dedicated Chief Executive Officer. That means that he’s extremely busy on a day-to-day basis. That doesn’t mean, though, that he fails to put time into his philanthropic objectives. He adores nothing more than giving back to his precious community. He’s a New Jersey native who has developed a true fondness for the city of Houston and all of its locals. He resides in Houston right now, after all. He thinks about Houston and how it operates any time he concentrates on philanthropic work. Petrello has been in a loving and committed relationship with his wonderful wife since back in his college years in Yale University. They first encountered each other while at school. She’s called Cynthia and she cares just as much about philanthropy as he does. She has a penchant for charitable activities as well. They regularly make donations to causes that are meaningful to them and to the other individuals who are part of their existences. Petrello is a business executive who has a zeal for education.

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On The Move With Dick And Betsy DeVos

A Brief History of Dick DeVos

Dick DeVos is an individual who is well known and respected in the United States; he is especially loved in his home state of Michigan. DeVos is the husband to Betsy DeVos. Betty DeVos is the US Secretary of Education. Dick DeVos is also an individual who is dedicated to changing institutions and improving the lives of those individuals who live in Grand Rapids, Michigan and beyond. DeVos is the son to the cofounder of the well-known company called Amway, and he has had the privilege of inheriting his family’s business.


Dick DeVos’ Passions and Hobbies

Dick DeVos is an individual who loves aviation. He is a self-proclaimed aviation geek. He was named The Federal Aviation Administration Management Advisory Council, and in this role, DeVos will work as a senior management advisor. Devos will be giving his expert advise on spending, long-range planning, policy and regulatory matters. DeVos is dedicated to the success of the Grand Rapids airport; this airport is the home of deVos’ collection of aircrafts, and it is also the home of DeVos’ aviation charter school.


The Changes That Dick and Betsy DeVos are Making

Recently, did an article about Dick and Betty DeVos. Dick and Betsy DeVos are both heirs to their families fortunes, and they have been able to use their wealth to improve the lives of millions of people in their hometown of Grand Rapids and around the world. The DeVos’ are huge donators to the GOP, and they have had a huge influence in changing state laws and policies that deal with labor and education.


What Are Some Of The Changes That They Helped To Create

Betsy DeVos is an individual who is dedicated to education reform. She was able to use her experience and influence to expand charter schools. Dick DeVos was able to implement the 2012 law that converted Michigan into a state where unions membership was no longer a condition to receiving employment. Previously, Michigan was the home of organized labor. Apart from working separately, Dick and Betty DeVos created the DeVos Family Foundation. This is a foundation that has given over $130 million to programs and funds that deal with Health and Human Services, education, art, and religion. Learn more: