Rodrigo Terpins And The Recent Racing Victory He Had

There are many articles about Rodrigo Terpins online, but most of them are too abstruse for any general reader to understand. To simplify matters, let’s summarize here some of the latest and most relevant information that’s happening in the exciting and race-filled life of Rodrigo Terpins.

The 22nd Sertoes Rally Achievement

To speed up this summary, we can recall the recent victory that Rodrigo Terpins experienced during the 22nd Sertoes Rally. In that race, about 2,600 kilometers was being spanned, which consisted of about 7 stages and that encompassed about 2 states. It was such a successful race that it was not hard to imagine that this Sertoes Rally would be one of the latest proud moments of Rodrigo Terpins. There’s more: the rally was an event that gave Rodrigo Terpins the chance to prove his skills and luck in rally racing. That race was so exciting that it was marked by many advertisers as a rare opportunity that was only given for Top racers, which include Rodrigo Terpins and Fabricio Bianchini.

It must also be said that the accolade of Rodrigo Terpins came from the fact that they got the most supportive racing team in the industry. Terpins was also part of the Prototype T1 team that was lucky and victorious enough to rank in the 8th position, which was an achievement in a competition that consisted about 38 competitors.

The Social Media Engagement

This victory didn’t come without the right acknowledgement and viral attention that came from social media. You can even find in the Facebook and Twitter page of Rodrigo Terpins some of the over-the-top praise that he received from the fans that supported his victory. Truly, the 3rd position that Rodrigo Terpins received in his team was not just good for the team, but was also such an inspiration for all the fans of Rodrigo Terpins who also want to indulge in Bull Sertoes racing.

Another interesting trivia you must also know about Rodrigo Terpins is that right now he’s the eager and daring Director of the company, T5 Patricipacoes, which is based in Sao Paulo Area, Brazil.

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