Securus Technologies Using the Advanced Drone Detection Technology to End the Illegal Contraband Supplies in Prison

Many companies have been trying to win the significant share of the growing correctional industry. However, Securus Technologies has been leading the race from the front since its inception in 1986. The company has become a leader in the penitentiary sphere due to the innovative products and services that it has been providing to the sector for long.


Securus Technologies also understand that only innovative and advanced products and services are not the benchmarks of a balanced and high-performing company, but it is also its customer service. Securus Technologies has one of the best customer services in the industry, and it is known for offering attentive and responsive services. In 2018, Securus Technologies won three Gold Stevie Awards for its customers and after-sales services, which signifies the importance the company lays on the customer service. Excellent customer service would always bring back the customers and ensure that the customers are satisfied with the products and services they have bought.


Securus Technologies has been developing many high-tech products and services to help the law enforcement agencies carry out their duty duly with precision and effectiveness. Recently, the company rolled out the wireless containment system that is known for ensuring that the contraband phones are not used inside the prison. When the inmates inside the prison use the contraband phones, it puts other inmates as well as officers and their families in great danger. It might be that the contraband phones are used to order a hit on any of the inmates or the officers outside the prison, which can be dangerous and unsafe. It can also be used to pass on crucial and confidential information from inside the prison to the outside and vice versa.


Similarly, Securus Technologies also recently tested the pilot programs of the new and advanced drone detection technology. The drone detection technology would ensure that no drone can enter the prison space and deliver the items that it is meant to. Many cases are being reported from all over the country where drones are being used to deliver contraband packages inside the prisons.


In many cases, these contraband packages are found to contain weapons as well. It is really dangerous and makes the entire prison environment secure. It is what the drone detection technology is trying to combat in an efficient manner. Securus Technologies believe that it is necessary for the people these days to understand that technology has an important role to play in any sector, and it is likewise in the correctional sphere. Using drone detection technology would render the inmates and their friends helpless who depend on drones to transport items to and from the prison facilities. The drone detection technology would be further upgraded by the company in the future.



Sussex Health Care And Amanda Taylor – Partners In Quality Health Care

Amanda Morgan Taylor has been appointed as the new CEO (Chief Executive Officer) of Sussex Health Care. She will be formally joining the organization by January 2018. However, she already began working with the team to familiarize herself all the facets of the home care including the services and all the physical aspects of the homes. Moreover, she commenced collaborating with the senior management team in looking for the appointment of a Director for Quality, Compliance and Service Improvement.

With over thirty years of experience in public health and independent health sectors under her belt, Amanda is a highly esteemed senior head in social and health care. Her preliminary qualification as a mental health nurse way back in 1984 paved the way for her succeeding roles in high levels such as Managing Director, Quality Development Director, and Service Manager.

In the years that followed her career, Amanda has been employed with independent care providers and local authorities. These engagements have given her a solid grasp of committee/board and provider relations as well as a round knowledge in assisting organizations to provide a highly reliable standard of support and care to tackle the trust with stakeholders, rebuild confidence, and focus on the needed changes in operation.

Amanda looks forward to working hand-in-hand with the senior management group, the staff and other management teams in all of the Sussex homes in the ensuing months.


According to the management of Sussex, the employment of Amanda Taylor is a confirmation of the organization’s commitment to the continuous provision of high standard health care and services to its present and future clientele.

Sussex Health Care Ltd. is a group of homes situated in Sussex that offers elderly care or geriatric care and special adult care for physically incapacitated individuals who likewise have cognitive difficulties. The homes have educational and recreational facilities for the following: dementia, respite, palliative, adult, specialist adult, and respite. Care support services are also available for physiotherapy and occupational therapy.

The high-quality standard care given at Sussex Health Care is primarily due to the exceptional personnel and staff working at the facilities. Hence, the organization provides adequate training and needed education to its employees on a continuous and regular basis. Also, employees are given a majority of the benefits they deserve which includes a mentoring system, paid vacations, discounted accommodations, free bus service, subsidiary meals, pension, etc.

Sussex Health Care started in 1985 and currently has facilities in the following areas: Horsham, Warnham, Purley, Sharpthome, Nutley, Billingshurst, Grinstead, and Henfield.