Omar Yunes, a leading entrepreneur in Mexico, is credited with reinventing the Mexican hospitality with the Best Franchisee of the World – 2015 Award. It is considered as a significant achievement for the entire hospitality industry of the country that was considered as a regional issue for long. The Award brings the global attention to the country and its hospitality sector, according to Diego Elizarrarrás, the leading organizer of BFW Mexico version. The BFW global competition took place on Dec. 5, 2015, in the Italian city, Florence. Yunes won the award for his franchise’s contribution to the brand he is associated with, Sushi Itto – a leading Japanese fast-food brand. It should be noted that the 2015 edition of the competition saw the participation of various franchises from 34 countries around the world, including Portugal, Brazil, Italy, Mexico, Hungary, France, Argentina, and more.

Interestingly, the competition did not consider the brands or their values and instead, compared the franchise’s effects on each associated brand. It includes the influence of franchise on the network, savings implemented, contributions as knowledge, improvements proposed to the network, motivation of employees within in the franchise, and more. Elizarrarrás confirmed that Yunes’ franchise acted as a change factor in the brand-franchise relationship, implementing control boards, and achieving better management using the information to scale clearer measurements across the units. Yunes responded to the recognition that he was elated with the achievement and confirmed it as the result of the hard work of more than 400 employees from the franchise’s units.

Yunes is a young entrepreneur with ventures in hospitality, retail, entertainment, and more. He founded Sushi Itto franchise at the age of 21 and strategized for the growth plan of its units across the country. Currently, his franchise has 13 units in the country, covering all the major cities. His units count to nearly 10% of the total strength of the brand. Interestingly, Yunes won the Mexican version of BFW – 2015 – the first version for Mexico – in November 2015 to make his franchise competing in the global BFW competition. The objective of the competition was to reward leadership, teamwork, continues improvement, and innovation.

The Provident Bank Foundation Collaborates With Boraie Development To Facilitate The Summer Movie Series

The State Theatre was happy to announce to the public about the return of the summer movie series, which would be sponsored by The Provident Bank Foundation and Boraie Development. The movies that shall be aired include Alladin on August 16, Monsters University on August 9, Babe on August 2, Despicable Me 2 on July 26, the Extra Terrestrial on July 19 and Frozen on July 12. Tickets to these movies, which shall air at 10:30 am and 7 pm, shall be free.

The two institutions partnered to offer the young people an opportunity to watch their favorite movies with their friends, families and summer camps. These individuals will be allowed to enjoy the films in the opulent surroundings of the theatre. The historic movie palace ranks one of the most favorite platforms for live performance in New Jersey. Check out Central Jersey Working Moms for more.

Hiam Boraie posited that they were proud to sponsor the series and enable young individuals and families to watch movies without having to pay anything at the historic venue. Hiam is the vice president of Boraie Development. Jane Kurek said that they were happy to help families to have exciting experiences. She is The Provident Bank Foundation’s executive director. Anna Marie Gewirtz contended that they were happy to return the summer movie series with six additional films. She went on to say that the State Theater’s mission is to present the public with family-friendly programming. The entity’s Community Access Initiative, which is undertaken all year-round, focuses on inviting the community to enjoy free events at the State Theatre. Anna works for the State Theatre as the vice president of strategic and development partnerships. This information was originally published on the New Jersey Stage as outlined in the following link

About Boraie Development

Boraie Development is a revered real estate company. Sam Boraie incorporated the corporation with the objective of transforming the economy of New Brunswick. His vision for the city started over four decades ago. Considering that he was a chemistry scholar, he had the opportunity of travelling to various European countries. When he went to New Brunswick, he purchased the dilapidated buildings one after another. Later, he constructed the Albany Street Plaza Tower One. This property had large office spaces. He went on to develop Tower Two that had more Class A office space. Visit Crunchbase for more.

When these offices were occupied, many people started moving to the city. This way, Omar saw the need to build residential apartments. He went on to build a twenty-five story apartment known as One Spring Street. This building has 121 residential units, and retail and office space of 40,000 and 10,000 square feet respectively. In addition, the condominium has a 400-space parking garage. The facility has a large outdoor space. This information was originally mentioned on the Njbiz as explained in this link

George Soros Embraces Role as Progressive Leader

To the vast majority of political junkies in the world George Soros is a name that does not need to be followed with an introduction. However, every day people who don’t scrounge the latest political news may not know just how full of impact the man has been to the United States political machine and the role of progressive values in the United States and abroad. George Soros is a Hungarian born New Yorker who has spent the better part of his life working toward bringing democratic values to places all around the world and even in his adopted home, the United States. Soros is a staunch progressive, a self made billionaire, and someone who has vowed to stand against President Donald Trump’s caustic and dangerous campaign promises.

George Soros was likely watching from the sidelines in horror when Donald Trump was handed the keys to the Republican party back during the 2016 Presidential Election. Trump was a reality show TV star who inherited his wealth from his father and was known as much for getting sued as he was for ‘business’. To make matters worse, Trump bought in wholesale to a brand of violent, deranged nationalism that hearkens back to the ’40s in Germany — something with which George Soros has firsthand experience. Seeing Trump take the lead in the Presidential election was enough to get Soros up and out, back into the arena in order to take up the progressive fight.

George Soros got back into politics in order to stand against Trump’s dangerous brand of rhetoric. A lifelong progressive, and someone who has donated nearly $12 billion in charity through the Open Society Foundations, Soros knows the power of a well placed campaign contribution. Let’s face it, America’s right wing political party is the group of billionaires. Democrats and progressives don’t often have a chance to outspend their opponents, but every dollar helps. Soros’ returned to politics in time to boost Hillary Clinton’s political action committees with nearly $25 million in contributions.

These contributions went toward a litany of different objectives that the progressive party embraced, including immigrant rights, voting rights for Americans everywhere, and more. Soros own adviser, Michael Vachon, said that “This year the political stakes are exceptionally high.”Returning to politics may look like a no brainer to outside viewers but it wasn’t an easy decision for George Soros. Soros has largely stepped aside from the wider national elections in order to focus his work on the small local elections. His focus has always been to generate passion in the people in order to embrace their rights and fight for their own future. Coming back to the national stage was a big step and it bodes well for the progressive party.

Troy McQuagge: CEO with Passion for Leadership

Troy McQuagge is the CEO and the president of USHEALTH Group. He has worked hard for that position and he knows that he will be able to continue doing well in the position as long as he is working for the company.

He has tried to ensure that he is providing people with all of the options that they need to use the insurance companies provided by USHEALTH Group and he has always tried his best to help people out with the issues that they could have in their employment with the company.

Troy McQuagge has won awards for his work, has given people the options that they need to make their own opportunities, has helped out with the issues that people are having and has given a new life to the insurance agencies that they work with.

Recently, Troy McQuagge won the CEO of the year. He did this by working hard and dedicating all of the time that he spends with the company. When he was elected for the award, it was because of the experiences that he had in the company.

When Troy McQuagge was working to bring some of the biggest improvements for himself and for other people, he understood that he could try to make a difference and that is what led him to the CEO of the year award.

Among some of the options that Troy McQuagge offers through USHEALTH Group are disability insurance and life insurance. These are big opportunities for people and they help them to have a clear understanding of what they can get out of their lives and out of the options that they have.

Troy McQuagge is dedicated to being able to help them with these types of insurance and he knows all of the right way to give them what they are looking for. Read more: Troy McQuagge Honored as Winner in the Annual 2016 CEO World Awards CEO of the Year: Insurance

Even when people have issues with the company, Troy McQuagge is there to help. Whether it is an employee who is trying to make sure that he or she is being treated fairly or it is a customer of the company who wants all of the different options, Troy McQuagge is sure to give them what they are looking for.

He is committed to the help that he can provide to them and knows what he needs to do to give them what they are looking for. Without his help, many people would not be able to have their issues solved.

Glassdoor reveals that it can sometimes be complicated to run an insurance company, but Troy McQuagge does it without hesitation. He knows what he needs to do and he tries his best to give people these options.

Since Troy McQuagge first became the CEO of the company, he has been giving people exactly what they need to make more improvements to their lives on their own.

Troy McQuagge is committed to the insurance of the people who he tries to help and he has remained committed throughout the length of time that he has tried doing business with these people.

It Has Never Been More Urgent To End Citizen’s United

What is the biggest threat to the United States?


Among the many political issues that concern America at this time, there are none so urgent as the drive to end Citizen’s United. As the 2016 election clearly showed, big money in politics is still a powerhouse that can swing an election and subvert the will of the people. So long as corporations have the ability to spend without limits there will be no limit to how many politicians they can buy and how many policies they can shape in their favor. This cannot stand. It endangers the right to self-determination and puts the integrity of the political system in the utmost jeoparty.


The Supreme Court decision in Citizen’s United was one of the biggest disasters in the history of American democracy. Wrongfully characterizing unlimited political funding as free speech, it promoted a fallacy based on another fallacy that “corporations are people.” It, in essence, legalized bribery and further corrupted a political system that was already disproportionately swayed by special interests and lobbyists. This disaster becomes more dire with every passing day, and big money continues its infiltration of government at the highest levels.


The current administration is bound and determined to only nominate future supreme court justices who are in lockstep with corporate interests and have a blind spot concerning the danger that big money poses to representative government in the United States. With a Republican majority in both houses, there is nothing to stop another corporate crony from being nominated and affirmed as each justice retires from the bench. In the next 8 years, 3 or 4 such justices may be nominated, assuring that the court will be in the pocket of the corporations for decades to come.


What can be done? Resistance is the aim of the upstart grassroots movement End Citizen’s United, a Political Action Committee (PAC) determined to fight fire with fire and take the same fundraising shenanigans that the Citizen’s United decision enables and use it to turn the tide against special interests and corporations by supporting candidates that favor overturning the decision


Year to date, End Citizen’s United already has accumulated a war chest of over 4 million dollars and counting. At the current pace of fundraising, the organization projects a $35 million fund to support the candidates who will fight against big money in politics and take the fight to the halls of congress. Money alone will not stop the threat of big money in politics, but the collective political action of End Citizen’s United is just the beginning of a resistance that will take back the nation for the average person and wrest the political system out of the hands of the corporations.

Life Line Screening’s Andrew Manganaro Preaches Benefits of Preventative Screening recently sat down with Life Line Screening’s Andrew Manganaro to discuss the importance of Preventative Screening. Manganaro, who is responsible for ensuring that protocol is followed in every procedure, spoke highly and passionately about Life Line Screening, ensuring that the company was operating at full capacity.

According to Manganaro, Life Line Screening is the largest preventive screening company in the United States. It isn’t an unfounded claim either; since 1996, Life Line Screening has screened over eight million individuals. Manganaro was a heart surgeon before joining Life Line, and as such witnessed the horrific effects of dormant cardiovascular disease first hand. This hands on experience serves to fuel the passion Manganaro has for his work with the company.

The interview serves as an excellent primer for anyone unfamiliar with preventative screening, as Manganaro gives an in-depth look at what makes the procedures unique. Through the use of ultrasound and EKG screenings, these methods go much further than a simple check-up with one’s local physician. The interview concludes with Manganaro ensuring the reader that Life Line Screening will continue to adapt and develop bleeding-edge procedures and screenings for their patients.

The passion Life Line Screening has for the work their job is tangible. Every employee and medical professional working for the company is dedicated to improving the quality of life for their patients. Pseudoscience this is not; nine out of ten physicians support preventative screening, sighting the same benefits Manganaro preached in his interview. Over two millions cases of heart attack and stroke have been screened, as well as thirty-five thousand identified cases of vascular diseases. Life Line Screening aims to be more than their patient’s doctors. Their mission statement makes them out more as partners in the shared goal of lasting health. Click here to know more.


The Unmatched Career of Brian Torchin

Brian Torchin is an outstanding veteran as far as the healthcare industry is concerned. He is a graduate of Delaware University who lives in the North Eastern part of Pennsylvania. Currently, Brian serves as the president of healthcare recruitment counselors (HCRC).

He first thought of the idea of providing the clientele with the best staff possible when he was working as a physician in chiropractic practice. Together with his colleagues, they saw the need of creating a welcoming environment for patients by recruiting the best workers.

Brian then later began his recruiting services in Philadelphia where he opened offices to recruit potential job seekers. He further opened more offices in Florida and Delaware and operated them.

Due to his passion and dedication to this work, Brian quickly grew to become the Top Healthcare Recruiter in the World thus, acquiring his current position as the President of Healthcare Counselors. He has, since then, expanded his services overseas whereby nations like Australia, Asia, and Europe are enjoying them too.

The Healthcare Recruitment Counselors Staffing does the following on behave of their clients:

  • Carry out professional Consultation
  • Do background checks
  • Train potential job seekers.

It is a great advantage to their customers for it saves them the hassle of doing all that.

Torchin has also created HCRC blog that he refers to as “a blog to learn pitfalls when hiring a chiropractor, and the best ways to hire staff members.” He consistently posts various topics concerning the healthcare sector on the blog. He also publishes articles on ‘tips’ to hire employees from social sites like Linkin. He also advises medical workers, patients, and other customers on the best working conditions for efficient delivery of services.

According to Glassdoor, Brian’s concerns on the importance of creating a ‘patient friendly environment’ are well known to all who know him. For instance, Dr. Mayer Green, from Consultants of America once gave a positive remark about Brian Torchin saying that his “integrity and professionalism are unmatched.”

It can truly be stated that Brian Torchin has improved the quality of the staff in the healthcare sector due to his hard work, dedication, and quest to provide the best environment for patients across the world.

Sawyer Howitt Has Excellent Advice On Becoming A Pro Racquetball Player

Many people strive to become professional players in numerous sports, whether its baseball or racquetball. Many people get into racquetball for the aspect of physical fitness and improving themselves on the court. Not many people who work at becoming professional racquetball players succeed. However, those who do reap the rewards for their hard work. Sawyer Howitt is one of the great racquetball players currently.

It’s often suggested that people who want to play racquetball research the sport first. Those who don’t can end up disappointed and may give up. Those experienced in the sport often encourage people to question why they want to become a professional. Some play for the accomplishment or you might be playing for self-fulfillment. To be the best that you can be as a racquetball player, you need to make an improvement plan. Improving playing performance requires long-term discipline. In order to achieve top performance, it is necessary to follow the plan you establish.

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According to Crunchbase, finding the right coach is key to become a successful professional racquetball player. Racquetball clubs can sometimes have the right coach you need, who has experience in the sport. However, it may be necessary to travel long distances to find the coach who can help you the most. A critical component of becoming a professional racquetball player is getting into proper physical shape. Reaching peak levels, requires someone to go through hours each day, pushing yourself to the max. You also need to practice every day to become the best.

Sawyer Howitt is a young entrepreneur who also happens to be an amazing athlete, when it comes to racquetball. Sawyer Howitt has been interested in racquetball since Sawyer was a child. He is currently a project manager at the Meriwether Group and currently helps others to launch small business across the country.

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Kim Dao Takes A Shopping Trip With Sunny

Kim Dao is planning to spend the day with Sunny. She wants to do some shopping but she isn’t sure how much she can spend because her money has not been deposited to her bank card yet. She has a small headache so she wants to get a coffee. She didn’t feel well last night so she couldn’t get much sleep. They have arrived early for their event but decide to kill some time by shopping. Kim Dao gets a bag full of products from her meeting. She gets a Starbucks drink afterwards. Learn more:


They have arrived in Hongdae. They look around and window shop. Kim Dao tries on some clothes. She purchased a pair of jeans and some shoes. They have fried chicken for lunch. They made it back home to rest. Kim Dao does a haul of the things she purchased while they were out. She also shows the things she received in her gift bag from W Lab. She received a lot of makeup products from them. Learn more:


She plays with her dog. Kim Dao took a shower and answers the questions from the previous video. She will be moving in the new apartment in Australia with her boyfriend in September. Her plans for tomorrow consists of spending time with her friend. They will be getting some lunch and doing some planning for an upcoming trip together. She heads to bed. Learn more:


Check out her video here.


Tammy Mazzocco Puts the Real in Real Estate

Tammy Mazzocco is a successful real estate agent in the town and surrounding counties of Pickerington, Ohio, an area just to the Southeast of Columbus. She started her real estate career as a secretary in a real estate office, but eventually decided that she could make more money in sales.

She has become very good at what she does because she likes people and really gets a thrill when she can help a family find a good home that fits their needs. Tammy likes to point out that when people are hunting for a new home they are at a terrible disadvantage. First of all they are totally out of their element as they are in a new geographic area. Secondly, they are about to make perhaps the largest financial commitment of their lives. Just these two factors alone would make just about anyone uneasy.

According to Philly Purge, Tammy tries to put herself in their shoes and act accordingly. Her main goal is to put her prospective clients at ease, and then they begin to bond with her and she most likely will get the sale. The problem that many real estate people run into, according to Tammy, is all the busy work that “has” to get done. Tammy simply farms that work out to a secretary (remember she used to be one) and spends her time where it counts: in the field with clients.

Tammy likes to set daily activity goals, and then she breaks them down into smaller pieces that are more easily accomplished. That way she can get more done and she doesn’t have to think about it.

Actually, according to Tammy Mazzocco, real estate is a simple business if the important tasks can be identified and then done. When that occurs, Tammy is in the “zone” and good things begin to happen

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