Reviewing The Contribution Of Labaton Sucharow In Solving Cases Of Securities Violations

Labaton Sucharow remains one of the most efficient law firms across the U.S. after serving for more than five decades. The firm works on cases of different nature and they have a SEC Whistleblower lawyer in virtually every specialty. This capability and formation allowed the firm to enter into a new industry, the whistleblower representation service. In 2010, the federal government made some changes to the law to give the SEC additional powers and that resulted to the formation of a new body referred to as the SEC Whistleblower Program.


The new program came as a replacement of the old system of reporting cases of securities violations. Before the program was launched, it would be challenging to successfully share information with the SEC because most whistleblowers feared they would be victimized in the process.


It also made it possible to report from different jurisdictions, thanks to the international reporting requirement the SEC offers. As of 2012, the SEC had recorded a 12 % increase in the number of whistleblowers who shared information from other jurisdictions. This translates to good performance and an improvement in the working of the program to allow more people to access the needed support to expose those who perpetrate wrong doings in the business world.


Contribution of Labaton Sucharow

To support this program further, several law firms joined in the fight by working with whistleblowers. Labaton Sucharow, the first law firm to enter the industry in 2010, offers exceptional support that allows whistleblowers to understand how the cases are handled by the SEC. With this kind of representation, it makes it easier for the whistleblower to be granted an approval to a case and they are able to earn bigger margins of rewards.


Since the law firm was founded more than 50 years ago, it has been working mostly on cases of commercial litigation and the recent wave of changes that occurred in the industry only exposed Labaton Sucharow to an area it is well versed.


Their whistleblower representation service offers each whistleblower a qualified SEC Whistleblower attorney, who ensures the information shared reflects facts and the right state of affairs. Labaton Sucharow also offers coaching to whistleblowers to allow them to understand how the law works and the things they should expect while presenting information before the SEC.

The Career Exploits of Brian Bonar

The world of finance has a lot of moving pieces and players. One needs to be very special to stand out from all the rest. Brian Bonar has managed to do just this. He is one of the successful and fruitful finance executives both in San Diego and in the United States. Brian is very well known for his specialty in mergers and acquisitions.

He has an extensive background in business leadership having served as manager, vice president, director, founder CEO and even CFO of different companies all over his career.

However, before starting his career, Brian Bonar received his education at the University of Strathclyde where he got a bachelor’s degree. He attended Stafford University where he got an MBA and later graduated with a Ph.D.

From 1984 – 1988 he worked as the executive director of Qms Inc. where he managed over 100 people. He moved on to become the Vice President of Rasek Corp as from 1988 -1990.

For a year Brian managed Worldwide Sales for Adaptec Inc. he was the Vice President worldwide sales and marketing at Personal Computer Products Inc. he later got promoted in the following years as the director, vice president and eventually the executive vice president in September 1994 and moved on in May 1997.

He joined Imaging Technologies Corp in May 1997 as the executive VP where he was promoted to the COO and eventually the President/CEO in June 1998 until December 1999. In 2002 he became the Chairman/Acting CEO of Amanda CO Inc.

Brian Bonar continued advancing in Imaging Technologies to where he held the titles of Chairman/CEO/Interim CFO. This was as at March 2004. During this time he had also acted as the interim chairman of Pen Interconnect Inc. and Amanda Co. Inc.

In 2003 he became the president of Greenland Corp where he has held that position until today. In the years 2003 – 2006 he was the chairman/CEO of Solvis Group Inc as well as the president of IBM UK Holdings.

Later in September 2007 until March 2008 he was the president of Tradeshow Products Inc. as well as the Founder of Ams Outsourcing till today. As from September 2009 till present, he has been at Smart-Tek Solutions where he has served and gained more titles.

According to Crunchbase, Brian Bonar started as the president until March 2010 where he added CEO to his title. He alters added the titles Chairman, CFO, and Sec. When Smart-Tek changed its name to Trucept Inc in 2013, he was still with the company and still had the titles Chairman/Pres/CEO/CFO to his name.

Resolving title defects problem by enabling Online Ordering

Nationwide title clearing, Inc. got concerned about the title defects which made them ensure property reports are accessible through online ordering. Some of the stakeholders felt that the problem was causing illegal foreclosures whiles others believed it was triggering the stagnation in the secondary market.

Executives from the Nationwide Title Clearing, Inc. (NTC) say that to ensure clear title transference and minimized risk of the buyback, proper property records got to be maintained. The company has taken the initiative to simplify the process involved in securing the property reports where they launched their updated website which had all property reports online.  Here are other factors that can render a title to be invalid:

  • Wording in the document that does not match the real estate standards
  • Non-inclusive of a signature of necessary party in the transaction, for instance, a spouse
  • The existence of prior liens or any other hindrances in the documents. They got to be removed.
  • Failure to follow the filing and recording procedures on the real estate documents

John Hillman, the CEO of NTC, says that it is necessary to address the issue of title defects diligently before concluding a property transfer transaction. To overcome the title defect issue they came up with the following to improve the mortgage industry reputation:

  • Ensuring that property reports are available online
  • Providing assignment verification service
  • Providing ownership and encumbrance report
  • Providing Tax status reports

Nationwide targets to provide the easiest and fastest process for securing properties. Hillman says that their reports on the properties are based on research carried out on the actual land records and are available for any residential property across the nation. NTC gets the data they post from many sources including the counties and an automation combined with human confirmation. This has helped the company to service well the largest leaders in the United States under the crucial and the extensively audited compliance principles.

Their success is highly attributed to the understanding of their clients’ needs and matching a property report with the actual set of data.

About Nationwide Title Clearing, Inc.:

Nationwide Title Clearing, Inc. is based in Florida and was founded in 1991. The company is privately owned and leads in providing research and document processing service for the residential mortgage industry. Their services set the industry’s standards that in return protects homeowners, assists mortgage banking industry and preserves land records in the country as well. The company has been ranked number 26 on the Fast 50 Awards list of fastest growing companies in Tampa Bay in 2013 and has received several other awards.

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George Soros & Other Major Players Gather For “Trump” Conference After Election

The Democracy Alliance club (DA) met less than a week after Donald Trump won the U.S. Presidency. George Soros and other major liberal funders gathered with Ellison, Warren, and Pelosi, as well as top union executives to regroup and discuss battle plans for the future. Soros himself donated $25 million to the Clinton campaign and other democratic causes in 2016. Other liberals also spent millions trying to get Clinton into the Whitehouse.

In a closed door meeting held in Washington, the talks were centered on ways to use what cash remains to fight President Elect Trump any way they can. This meeting of George Soros was the first gathering of major powers opposing Trump since his landslide victory over Clinton, and according to sources, they plan to fight President Trump every step of the way.

President of the DA, Gara LaMarche says that reassessment is definitely in order. He believes that you “don’t lose an election you were supposed to win” unless mistakes are made in key areas. LaMarche urges the DA to skip recriminations and instead focus on getting ready to resist Trump’s administration in every way possible.

Read more: Here’s How George Soros’s Latest Predictions Have Played Out

Many liberals are now rethinking their method of approach to politics. The DA and George Soros has spent the last ten years focusing their influence, and quite a bit of their cash on Hilary Clinton. The DA group feels that women and minorities are a large part of what they call a “rising American electorate” that could easily sway future elections to the Democratic party.

Since its founding in 2005, the DA has funneled more than $500 million towards a variety of causes or groups. They include Media Matters, the Center for American Progress, and the data firm Catalist among many others. How these groups and George Soros will survive and adapt to Trump’s administration is foggy at best. All of them are operated by Clinton allies who had representatives at the Washington meeting of the DA.

No one in the DA knows exactly what the future holds, but they have begun the fight to shape it as best they can.  The DA will be reevaluating the polling system itself and how it could have gone so wrong. Also included on the agenda is the importance of steering cash to state legislative policy battles where Republicans were the winners this time around.

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Securus Technologies Is Making Strides Like Never Before

Securus Technologies is making headlines with explaining what they do to the public. They want the people to know that they are creating all kinds of technology that help to solve and prevent crimes. They are in the process of working with numerous corrections facilities, in which, they solve and prevent crimes, even between inmates.


They want the world to be a safer place for all people to live in, and they are showing it. They decided to publish an article that details what they do, and why it is so beneficial to the public. In the article, there are a number of comments from officials in the correction facilities that Securus Technologies has dealt with. Their comments show how much the company is respected for what is capable of doing, and its successes. The company has also issued an invitation to investors and others that would like to see their headquarters, and what they do in person. It is located in TX, and when they visit, they will receive a fantastic presentation about the latest in technology to fight crime.


They are diligent in their efforts to make the world a better place. With their expertise and knowledge many companies hire them around the country, including the government. The company uses techniques like incident management, investigations and videos, as well as other types of technology to keep people safe. Every year, they deal with over a million prisoners to ensure that crimes are solved and prevented. They are involved in both the criminal and civil sectors of justice, and in the future, they will create even more ways to catch criminals every week.

Madison Street Capital, A Global Leader In Providing Corporate Financing Services

Madison Street Capital is a global investment banking firm that focuses on providing leadership, integrity, and excellent corporate financial services to both its privately and publicly held businesses. The company has its headquarters in Chicago. It has other offices in Asia, North America, and Africa. The company has continued to be the leading provider of corporate finance, mergers, and acquisitions (M&A) advisory.

Madison Street Capital’s reputation include excellence in providing timely corporate financing services and creating a capitalization structure that fits the client’s unique needs. The middle-market investment banking offers a full set of services which include financial asset management services, Hedge fund administration services, corporate advisory services, financial opinion services, business valuation services, private equity fund administration services, and valuation for financial reporting.

The company was founded in 2005. It has been in the industry for 11 years. Madison Street Capital has worked with a diverse range of clients in different industries. This has helped it to gain experience in investment banking. The company has a seasoned team of professionals who understand the situation of the client to its unique industry. They work to structure services that will suit the businesses of the clients.

Madison Street Capital also offers buyout, reorganization, bankruptcy, and other business advisory services. The firm’s clients include Fiber Science, Bond Medial Group Inc, and Central lowa energy, LLC. The company has maintained the lead in the investment banking industry by understanding that corporate finance is time sensitive and it is able to respond urgently to opportunities. The fast approach to corporate finance transactions creates an environment where both the investor and the business owner mutually benefit.

The firm boasts of vast knowledge, experience, and connections that make it easier for it to provide the right financing and capitalization structure to suit each client. The firm applies a methodology that reflects experience in corporate finance which includes valuation, due diligence, implementing and designing appropriate exit strategies, specialized financing, market pricing, and deal structuring. Madison Street Capital’s experience and expertise in corporate finance have helped the firm to maintain a top position in providing financial advisory services all over the world. The company also has offices spread out in Africa, Asia, and the United States. The offices have helped it to adopt a global view of the corporate financing that creates equal emphasis to business relationships locally.

Madison Street Capital offers services and expertise in Corporate Advisory which includes private placements, Capital restructuring, and corporate governance.  We also have exit strategy design and implementation, tax planning, and building wealth services in tax planning and wealth preservation.

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Madison Street Capital: The leaders in Asset Evaluation and Acquisitions

According to an article published on on the 29th of August 2016, Madison Street Capital was mentioned as one of the finalists in the 15th Annual M&A Awards. Madison Capital is an investment banking firm that is based in Chicago Illinois. The M$A Advisor Awards are seen as the highest recognition that an investment bank can be awarded when it comes to the financial industry. This award mainly recognizes several areas which include excellence in deal making coupled with financing and restructuring.

With regards to Madison St Capital, the company was nominated for two awards. These awards were for the boutique investment of the year together with contributing to the deal of the year for under one hundred million dollar companies. According to event organizers, Madison Street played a significant role in the acquisition of Acuna and Asociados. This was one of the main reasons why the investment banking firm was appointed for these prestigious awards. To ensure that the deal went through, Madison Capital was led by Karl D’Cunha, the Senior Managing Director.This deal palyed a major part in maintaining Madison Street Capital’s reputation.

Madison Street was established by Charles Botchway many years ago. To date, he still maintains the position of Chief Executive Officer and was quick to acknowledge that it was an honor and a privilege to recognize with these two awards. He also noted that facilitation of the Acquisition of the mentioned company was not an easy task as it greatly tested Madison Capital. He also emphasized the commitment of his firm to satisfying its customers’ needs and always striving to achieve the best results.

However, this was just an announcement of the finalist. The winner of these awards will be revealed at a gala that will be held at the New York Athletic Club later this year. The exact date is the 9th of November. Madison Capital also ventures in philanthropic gestures as it recently teamed up with the United Way. Madison Capital has maintained its headquarters in Chicago, Illinois. This investment banking firm has offices in other parts of the globe including Europe, Asia, and even Africa. It maintains a team of skilled professionals within these offices to handle any matter that may arise concerning investment banking or its related activities. Since its foundation, the firm has also maintained its reputation in upholding integrity, leadership, and even excellence. Some of the services that this firm specializes in including the valuation of companies that are either publicly or privately traded. Madison Capital also specializes in acquisition expertise like that one of the acquisitions of Acuna and Asociados.

Securus Technologies Makes More Inroads

Securus Technologies receives 11 certifications from BICSI, Building Industry Consulting Service International for their specialists whom showed extreme efforts in their training. Performing to the highest standards, the 11 specialists at Securus Technologies were noticed by BICSI, Building Industry Consulting Service International for their noticeable efforts.


Securus Technologies Is Noticing Even More Acclaim


Since Securus Technologies the international recognition of the certifications, they gained an even greater presence in their field. Securus Technologies is admirable of the BICSI Installer 1 Certification from BICSI, Building Industry Consulting Service International, and intends to use them for even more training of their workforce to allow for more and more notoriety.


Is Securus Technologies Planning For More?


They will always include new training in their work ethics to allow the performance of their employees to increase tenfold. Holding a steadfast lead in their industry allows Securus Technologies to move forward with even better strategies that will give them the ability to create the proficient types of equipment for monitoring that were ever made.


Securus Technologies has always been noticed for what they do in their industry. They are always enlisted to help the criminal and civil agencies. Securus Technologies also assists with many prisoners in extreme efforts to protect the public’s safety. With Securus Technologies leading their industry, more positive changes will change in facets of the safety of the public. Together, Securus Technologies and BICSI, Building Industry Consulting Service International make an excellent team in creating the best workers for this type of endeavor. Securus Technologies is a forerunners in the field, making inroads all the time, and they are known all over the world.


Setbacks Are Far Behind The Great Norka Luque

After experiencing some health problems as well as PR issues because of dramatic weight gain, Norka Luque is back after losing the weight, changing her whole lifestyle, and following her personal trainer’s regime schedule. She sang the songs of famous composer Archie Peña. She went viral with her first song, ‘Como Lo Haces Tu’ and then the hit ‘Milagro,’ becoming a world phenomenon in music. Music publication Premios Lo Nuestro made her their Female Pop Artist of the Year!


The song stayed number 1 on the Record Report’s pop and salsa chart. Peña also did a Dominican El Cat version and an arrangement of Miracle as a club mix version. Peña has at times used the services of the famous Luis Giraldo and Cuco Peña, as well as the Gaitan Brothers, to obtain perfection in recording and mastering of all Norka Luque’s music.


Norka Luque has her music career back on track with her new song, ‘Tomorrowland‘. After having ‘Milagro’ hit 11th on the Billboard Dance Charts, it has remained high and flying on the charts ever since. This is especially true for that song on the Venezuelan Music Charts. Norka had experienced a setback, because of health problems, which she has finally completely transcended. World figure and superstar entertainer, Emilio Estefan, has mentored Norka a great deal in the last few years. He had a great deal to do with the original launch of her music career in 2011.


Norka says she also has her strong family to thank for all their steadfast support over the years. Her diverse interests and abilities in music have served her well in South America, a continent where diverse music is the norm. She has performed rythym & blues, tropical dance, rock, pop, and ballads. Norka is tall, fit, and has good muscle tone. With her new workout regime and better diet practices, she is attaining her weight loss goals while taking her music to new heights. to know more.

Sergio Cortes Helps Make Sure Every State in Brazil Has Better Health Services

Niteroi has named a new state health director, and she was welcomed in by a visit from Sergio Cortes who is the federal health director. Dr. Sergio Cortes is a good man who is trying to manage all the care that people need for the whole country, but he also comes out to help people who are in need of assistance at the state level.

Sergio Cortes wants to make sure that Gisela was given a good welcome in her new role, and he wanted to show her the support that she needed so that she could do her job better. People in the state are more likely to believe in the state health services if they are backed up by the federal government. Sergio Cortes is the face of the federal health service, and he wants to make sure that people know that face when they are looking for the right kinds of health care for them and their families.

Sergio Cortes also wants people to know that he can respond in any crisis. He wants people to remember all the good work he has done for people who have been hit by natural disasters, and he wants to show all the people even the farthest reaches of the country know that he is there to help.

The country also needs to have a more comprehensive system of health care, and that is why Cortes wants to help. He wants to integrate all the things people need into a system he can manage. His vision will make it easier for people to be touched by the health care system.

The best part of working with someone like Sergio Cortes is that he has the best interests of all the people at heart. He is someone who knows how to support his regional directors, and he knows how to get federal money flowing when it is needed.