Roberto Santiago Highly Influential Real Estate investor and Successful Entrepreneur in Brazil

There are many things for which Roberto Santiago is well-known in Brazil, whether it is his real estate investments and properties or his investments and activities in the entertainment space and more. As a serial entrepreneur, Roberto Santiago is always on the move and loves to keep himself updated about the financial and stock markets to ensure that he can make the right move when necessary regarding his finances. Roberto Santiago has considerable investments in the equity markets as well, which is why he keeps a check on the market movements on a regular basis. Roberto Santiago is also the owner of the famous shopping malls in Brazils, which are Mangabeira Shopping Mall and the Manaira Shopping Mall.


The Roberto Santiago Manaira Shopping Mall was opened to the public in the year 1989 and since then has become an essential part of the lives of the people in the city. It is a city within a city as it houses multiplexes, bank, food court, entertainment center, game zone, restaurants, schools, showrooms, and much more. One can be sure that they won’t get bored once they enter the Manaira Shopping Mall. It is situated in the area covering 134,000 square meters, making it one of the largest shopping malls in Brazil. It has the parking space available for over a 3,000 vehicles, which gives a good idea about the scale at which the Manaira Shopping Mall is designed. In Paraiba, which is one of the states of Brazil, Manaira Shopping Mall holds the position of being the largest.


Roberto Santiago Manaira Shopping Mall had food court from the very beginning, but in 2014, it also opened a dedicated zone for restaurants. One of the first restaurants to open in Manaira Shopping Mall was the Capital Steak House, which continues to be the local favorite. The Manaira Shopping Mall features many other amenities and activities, including the spa and salon, 11 movie theatres, bank, Game Center, kids zone, garden, shopping area, a school, fitness center, and much more. People can be sure that they won’t get bored once they enter the Manaira Shopping Mall. Also, there are many different events organized by the mall from time to time to keep the visitors entertained. It helps in keeping the shopping mall abuzz with activities at all times.


Roberto Santiago Manaira Shopping Mall houses one of the largest auditoriums in the city located on its terrace, known as the Domus Hall. It has hosted many famous events and concerts, and even marriages and other private celebrations. It can house around 8,000 people and is one of the most luxurious and beautiful auditoriums in the city to host any event. Celebrities like Jorge Maria Da Silva and Ana Carolina have also performed here.



Larkin And Lacey

The road to justice and freedom is still a long distance to travel. Sometimes it seems as though no strides have been made in that battle. It continues for Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey as they keep an injustice at the fore front of the nation. They are still rallying around the case of Joe Arpaio, the sheriff that was pardoned by President Trump.

If he had not been a loyal, and vocal Trump supporter during the presidential campaign, he would be serving a sentence for the many harsh, and cruel crimes that he committed. Joe Arpaio was the sheriff of Maricopa County, Arizona. He had served for twenty four years, and terrorized the county during the entire time.  Read more: Michael Lacey | LinkedIn and Village Voice Media | Wikipedia

As co-owners of The Phoenix New Times news publication, Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey had written several articles about the corrupt sheriff exposing his totally blatant disrespect for the law. Joe Arpaio would only abide by his own law, and it was one of contempt.

The sheriff was responsible for many deaths inside his jail. He even built a concentration camp that he named Tent City. He criminally violated the First Amendment rights of the Latino, and Hispanic population in and around the county. Jpe Arpaio was so vile that he ordered women to be chained to their beds during childbirth.

Finally, investigations of him started, and much of this was brought to light. He was convicted of many crimes, but before he could be sentenced to prison time, President Trump intervened with a pardon. The sheriff was an ardent racist who constantly showed his dislike for people of other cultures.

Larkin and Lacey expressed the sentiment that these two corrupt people were a perfect marriage. They continue to highlight this event because it was a total miscarriage of justice. The two men are so adamant about Arpaio paying his dues because they were victims of the sheriff’s action when they were arrested in October of 2007.

Larkin and Lacey were unlawfully taken away from their homes in handcuffs because of their accounts of the sheriff and his posse. They were accused of releasing information about Grand Jury proceedings Their rights were violated, and a lawsuit against the county was launched.

The suit was finally settled, and the county of Maricopa was ordered to pay the duo $3.7 million dollars. With all of the injustice that had taken place against the diverse population of the county, Larkin and Lacey wanted to do something to help. Instead of keeping the entire settlement for themselves, they started the Larkin and Lacey Frontera Fund.

The Frontera Fund is a fund to help organizations that were supporting the civil, human, and migrant rights of Latinos and Hispanics in Arizona. Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey were two college dropouts who got started in the newspaper industry when they did cover stories of the Kent State University incident.

Lacey was the Executive Editor, and Larkin led the advertising department of their publication, The New Times, which was a free weekly newspaper.

Freedom Debt Relief Reviews Easing Debt Situations

Freedom Debt Relief (FDR) was founded by two Sanford Business School graduates, Bradford Stroh and Andrew Housser in 2002. Freedom Debt Relief Company was established to help people in financial aspects by taking care of their deficits. Life has ups and downs. Therefore, people protect themselves with Freedom Debt Relief to avoid being declared bankrupts during their downs period.

Freedom Debt Relief works to help clients solve their debt issues by reducing the unsecured debts in as quickly as 24-48 months. They also go a mile ahead by negotiating with your creditors on the payment. Freedom Debt Relief Reviews shows that since 2002, Freedom Debt Relief has helped settle $7 billion of debts for clients, a record that has inspired many people to consider Freedom Debt Relief.

Many Americans have benefited from Freedom Debt Relief assisting them to pay their deficits. Many of them have given testimonials on how they have gained from Freedom Debt Relief. A testimonial from a client called Richard was about how it was hard to deal with his creditors. The creditors and the lawyers hired by them were stressing because of the massive amount of debts he had. After discovering Freedom Debt Relief, it was easier as he only had to fax information to Freedom Debt Relief from the creditors who will then deal with the issue. Moreover, he stopped receiving bills from creditors in his emails. Richard is happy because he is towards recovery.

Another client known as Joni, his company was facing problems. Freedom Debt Relief reviews that At first, it was difficult to accept they needed help but due to the persisting financial instability that led to lending money causing more uncontrollable debts, he decided to call. Joni was received with respect, understanding and caring. Freedom Debt Relief was the best choice they ever made to pay up their accounts. Currently, the company is towards recovery, thanks to Freedom Debt Relief. Freedom Debt Relief has supported many people in deficit situations recover a financially stable life again.


Mike Baur: Entrepreneur and Businessman

Mike Baur, co-founder and executive chairman of Swiss Startup Factory, had the vision of taking startups and turning them into global companies. The team of SSUF, including a security dog named Mexx that is featured on the company website, all share the dream of rebelling against norms, products, and business models. Swiss Startup factory starts by providing each startup with financing, coaching, mentoring, office space, and even the access to a large entrepreneurial and investor network. A customized three month service package helps each startup mature and grow, bringing them and their product to market.

After earning an MBA from the University of Rochester New York as well as an executive MBA from University of Berne, Baur worked in banking for over twenty years, originally starting as a commercial apprentice at UBS Wealth Management. From there he worked his way to one of the biggest swiss private banks. He claims his platform in the banking world adds value to his work in the startup ecosystem and beacause of this, he is responsible for the fundraising and financing that takes place at his company. In December of 2016, the Wall Street Journal published an article that profiled Baur’s early career from Swiss Banking to entrepreneurship and investments. Mike Baur also spends time as a frequent speaker at universities, small corporations, and even startup events where he shares his commitment to spread the knowledge about the magic of accelerating startup ideas, developing digital companies, and awareness about youth entrepreneurship.

Partnerships and sponsors of SSUF are crucial for interacting with a variety of stakeholders while developing the Swiss Startup scene and moving it forward. Together, they share important core and strategic goals which includes the support for entrepreneurial teaching to students. Some of these connections include: Goldbach Group, Helvetia, Universität St.Gallen, Microsoft, and even RedBull.

Other than his passions in the business world, baur is a huge sports fan. Making the connection between the DNA of a top sports professional and a top startup team, the businessman is a lover of his hometown hockey club and an active follower of the Swiss Tennis Pros.



The Copa Star Hospital: Transcending Hospitals To Give Their Patients The Best

With the growth of the medical sector in Brazil, more and more healthcare institutions have to find ways to market themselves better to the people. Hospitals have to go above and beyond what’s needed to ensure that their patients are taken care of well. One such hospital that is known throughout the country for exemplary all around service is the Copa Star Hospital. The Copa Star is a world class luxury hospital that gives its patients more than just excellent medical care; they aim to provide their patients with all around benefits which will help them recover better and in a more comfortable environment.

The Copa Star Hospital looks like a luxury hotel and functions as a top tier hospital to give their patient the best of everything. When someone thinks of being admitted to a hospital, they often are repulsed by the thought of it, owing to the notion that it might be an unwelcoming place to stay. However, people are always ready to remain in luxury hotels that offer the best of services. Combining those two, the Copa Star Hospital gives its patients the comfort of the best ambiance and facilities with exceptional medical care. A good ambiance can contribute immensely to the overall wellbeing of patients, and thus the hospital strives to give them a friendly environment where they are comfortable. Visit the site Rede D’Or for more info.

However, when trying to put together a hospital that looks and feels like a luxury five-star hotel, one would tend to pay less attention to medical care and the purpose of the hospital. That, however, isn’t the case for the Copa Star Hospital as they are dedicated to always implementing the newest treatments and holding their high medical practice standards. Using only the best technology and methodology, the Copa Star Hospital has cemented its position in the medical field for being one of the top institutions. The hospital is primarily known for its neurology and cardiology departments, with some of the top doctors in the field working here. The hospital aims always to provide the best patient care and therefore hires only the best medical professionals. The Copa Star Hospital has around the clock medical team to take care of all the patients who are admitted to the hospital.

The Copa Star offers its patients a lot more than any other hospital does. In addition to excellent medical care and a beautiful ambiance, the Copa Star Hospital also provides its patients with some of the best meal options while they are at the here. Within the hospital, premises is a fine dining restaurant, which patients and visitors can visit at any time. The Copa Star Hospital tries to break the cliche of ‘bland hospital food’ by offering meal options which are both extremely nutritious and delicious.

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Roberto Manaira Shopping Mall Is Redefining The Future Of Shopping Malls

When developing Manaira Shopping Mall, Roberto Manaira capitalized on advancing the aspects of leisure and fun. The property was carefully designed with the objective of maximizing shoppers’ experience.

Roberto Santiago Manaira Shopping Mall is located in the city of Joao Pessoa. It was opened to the public in 1989. The Mall ranks as one of the largest shopping centers in Paraiba State in Brazil. Developers of the mall took over two years to complete its construction. Notably, there are some ongoing works in the mall. These construction projects are aimed at expanding the mall and adding more features to ensure that the shopping mall continues to provide the public with world-class products and services.

According to Roberto Santiago, the owner of Manaira Shopping Mall, the design of the property was motivated by the need to provide the city residents and visitors with an alternative to the beautiful beaches surrounding the city. This need drove Roberto to incorporate many entertainment options in the mall. This approach ensured that the mall becomes the center of entertainment in the region. Read more at Blog Do Gordinho.

The mall offers visitors a 3D movie experience. To this end, many film lovers have been going at the shopping mall to watch their favorite movies. The mall’s movie theaters are designed using innovative 3D features. Regularly, they feature some of the latest movies. In addition, the mall has numerous ballrooms.

In addition, the shopping mall provides gamers with the ultimate gaming spots. Roberto Santiago has incorporated an electronic amusement park in the mall. The park is spacious as it has a floor space of over 1,800 square meters. On the floors, gamers can play with any of the 200 gaming machines. Notably, the gaming machines have been sourced from different manufacturers. This variety enables gamers to enjoy multiple games at the mall.

Moreover, Roberto Santiago Manaira Shopping Mall offers a variety of cuisines. The chefs have extensive experience of preparing different meals from around the globe. The mall’s gourmet space serves delicious hamburger and steak. The mall has food courts where people can enjoy their meal.

About Robert Santiago

Roberto Santiago is a Brazilian real estate developer. He started his career by working at Café Santa Rosa before venturing into real estate business. The proprietor of Manaira Shopping Mall owns other major businesses in Joao Pessoa, including Mangabeira Shopping Mall. Roberto holds a bachelor’s degree in business administration from the University Center of Joao Pessoa. He is also an alumnus of the Marist College. Read more on Exame

Marc Sparks Is The Rightful Definition Of A Social Entrepreneur

Marc Sparks is not your average entrepreneur; the serial businessman builds companies with valor and innovation. He owns a family office and is the man behind Spark Tank. Spark Tank is a creative concept that focuses on social service entrepreneurs and their revolutionary ideas. Successful applicants are judged on the impact of their projects to communities.


Spark Tank is a concept that was built with the objective of creating an impact in communities across the US. The idea was born after Marc Sparks succeeded in supporting the Samaritan Inn, another excellent project that provides shelter to the homeless. On the early days, the Samaritan Inn was a simple social services project, but it has grown over time to become a source of shelter and food to over 200 people every day. The Samaritan Inn operates on a $3 million annual budget.


On August 2016, Marc Sparks together with Lynne Sipiora were ecstatic to present a winner with the second Spark Tank award; Mommies in Need. Spark Tank award is in the form of a grant and is awarded to small community organizations that are non-profit in nature. The grant is in the form of $5,000 grant and can be used by the winner as funds for their non-profit venture.


Mommies in Need, the second winner of Spark Tank award, is an organization that helps families who require childcare support due to factors such as health challenges and emergencies but is not capable of affording a nanny. The team offers nanny services to such families at zero cost.


For organizations to qualify for the Spark Tank award, they have to be a 501c3 organization that has run their operations for two years or more. The contenders are given an opportunity to pitch their ideas against the Spark Tank panel and answer questions from the jury. Spark Tank board then settles on the idea with the most impact on communities and the Spark Tank program itself.


Marc Sparks is an acclaimed entrepreneur. Through his zeal and hard work, he has been the reason behind the success of some enterprises. He is the majority shareholder in companies that are dominating the technology space such as Blu Jay Wireless, Cardinal Telecom, LLC and Cobalt Real Estate Services, LLC.


Marc Sparks has built a fortune for himself creating business solutions for communities in Dallas and the US as a whole. He is passionate about bringing change to communities, and this informs his resolve to fund community projects. So as to have a greater impact on more people and nurture them on their journey to business success, he has written a book titled, “They Can’t Eat You.” The book aims at guiding entrepreneurs to begin their trade as soon as they finish high school.


Mike Baur the Managing Partner at Swiss Startup Company

Mike Baur is one of the most respected Swiss entrepreneur and businessman. He is known for his role at the Swiss Startup Factory. He is a co-founding partner and is in charge of raising funds to cater for all the rounds of the startup factory. Therefore, he manages fundraising and all other means of getting cash inflow to support their activities.


Prior to co-founding the Swiss Startup Factory, Mike Baur had over 2 decades of experience in the banking industry. During this time, he had the privilege of working with mogul companies including Clariden Leu and UBS. When he finally decided to quit employment, he decided that he would best invest his money in helping other people. So he started investing in startup companies. He understood the struggles that startups go through when trying to access financing. He wanted to create an impact and change the story of such entrepreneurs. This led him to investing his money to co-founding the Swiss Startup Factory where he is a managing partner. In the year 2016, Wall Street Journal featured him, detailing how he had successfully transitioned from working in the banking industry to investing in startups.


About Swiss Startup Factory

It was founded in the year 2014 with the aim of helping entrepreneurs who are passionate about technology and have bright ideas that could be commercialized. It gives entrepreneurs the opportunity to find an investor who might be interested in financing your idea. The company operates through a wide network of entrepreneurs that it has established in Switzerland and beyond.


The company hold three-month accelerator programs for those who apply and are successfully admitted. Those who get into the program are provided with an office in Zurich. They are then coached and mentored by the company so that their ideas can become global corporations. Other than that, they provide the candidates with financial and marketing services to make market penetration easier for them. On completion of the program, those that have proven themselves are connected with investors. In this way, they get a shot at becoming successful. So far the company has held three round-ups and are bound to hold even more in the future.


Resolving title defects problem by enabling Online Ordering

Nationwide title clearing, Inc. got concerned about the title defects which made them ensure property reports are accessible through online ordering. Some of the stakeholders felt that the problem was causing illegal foreclosures whiles others believed it was triggering the stagnation in the secondary market.

Executives from the Nationwide Title Clearing, Inc. (NTC) say that to ensure clear title transference and minimized risk of the buyback, proper property records got to be maintained. The company has taken the initiative to simplify the process involved in securing the property reports where they launched their updated website which had all property reports online.  Here are other factors that can render a title to be invalid:

  • Wording in the document that does not match the real estate standards
  • Non-inclusive of a signature of necessary party in the transaction, for instance, a spouse
  • The existence of prior liens or any other hindrances in the documents. They got to be removed.
  • Failure to follow the filing and recording procedures on the real estate documents

John Hillman, the CEO of NTC, says that it is necessary to address the issue of title defects diligently before concluding a property transfer transaction. To overcome the title defect issue they came up with the following to improve the mortgage industry reputation:

  • Ensuring that property reports are available online
  • Providing assignment verification service
  • Providing ownership and encumbrance report
  • Providing Tax status reports

Nationwide targets to provide the easiest and fastest process for securing properties. Hillman says that their reports on the properties are based on research carried out on the actual land records and are available for any residential property across the nation. NTC gets the data they post from many sources including the counties and an automation combined with human confirmation. This has helped the company to service well the largest leaders in the United States under the crucial and the extensively audited compliance principles.

Their success is highly attributed to the understanding of their clients’ needs and matching a property report with the actual set of data.

About Nationwide Title Clearing, Inc.:

Nationwide Title Clearing, Inc. is based in Florida and was founded in 1991. The company is privately owned and leads in providing research and document processing service for the residential mortgage industry. Their services set the industry’s standards that in return protects homeowners, assists mortgage banking industry and preserves land records in the country as well. The company has been ranked number 26 on the Fast 50 Awards list of fastest growing companies in Tampa Bay in 2013 and has received several other awards.

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