Roberto Santiago Highly Influential Real Estate investor and Successful Entrepreneur in Brazil

There are many things for which Roberto Santiago is well-known in Brazil, whether it is his real estate investments and properties or his investments and activities in the entertainment space and more. As a serial entrepreneur, Roberto Santiago is always on the move and loves to keep himself updated about the financial and stock markets to ensure that he can make the right move when necessary regarding his finances. Roberto Santiago has considerable investments in the equity markets as well, which is why he keeps a check on the market movements on a regular basis. Roberto Santiago is also the owner of the famous shopping malls in Brazils, which are Mangabeira Shopping Mall and the Manaira Shopping Mall.


The Roberto Santiago Manaira Shopping Mall was opened to the public in the year 1989 and since then has become an essential part of the lives of the people in the city. It is a city within a city as it houses multiplexes, bank, food court, entertainment center, game zone, restaurants, schools, showrooms, and much more. One can be sure that they won’t get bored once they enter the Manaira Shopping Mall. It is situated in the area covering 134,000 square meters, making it one of the largest shopping malls in Brazil. It has the parking space available for over a 3,000 vehicles, which gives a good idea about the scale at which the Manaira Shopping Mall is designed. In Paraiba, which is one of the states of Brazil, Manaira Shopping Mall holds the position of being the largest.


Roberto Santiago Manaira Shopping Mall had food court from the very beginning, but in 2014, it also opened a dedicated zone for restaurants. One of the first restaurants to open in Manaira Shopping Mall was the Capital Steak House, which continues to be the local favorite. The Manaira Shopping Mall features many other amenities and activities, including the spa and salon, 11 movie theatres, bank, Game Center, kids zone, garden, shopping area, a school, fitness center, and much more. People can be sure that they won’t get bored once they enter the Manaira Shopping Mall. Also, there are many different events organized by the mall from time to time to keep the visitors entertained. It helps in keeping the shopping mall abuzz with activities at all times.


Roberto Santiago Manaira Shopping Mall houses one of the largest auditoriums in the city located on its terrace, known as the Domus Hall. It has hosted many famous events and concerts, and even marriages and other private celebrations. It can house around 8,000 people and is one of the most luxurious and beautiful auditoriums in the city to host any event. Celebrities like Jorge Maria Da Silva and Ana Carolina have also performed here.



Troy McQuagge: CEO with Passion for Leadership

Troy McQuagge is the CEO and the president of USHEALTH Group. He has worked hard for that position and he knows that he will be able to continue doing well in the position as long as he is working for the company.

He has tried to ensure that he is providing people with all of the options that they need to use the insurance companies provided by USHEALTH Group and he has always tried his best to help people out with the issues that they could have in their employment with the company.

Troy McQuagge has won awards for his work, has given people the options that they need to make their own opportunities, has helped out with the issues that people are having and has given a new life to the insurance agencies that they work with.

Recently, Troy McQuagge won the CEO of the year. He did this by working hard and dedicating all of the time that he spends with the company. When he was elected for the award, it was because of the experiences that he had in the company.

When Troy McQuagge was working to bring some of the biggest improvements for himself and for other people, he understood that he could try to make a difference and that is what led him to the CEO of the year award.

Among some of the options that Troy McQuagge offers through USHEALTH Group are disability insurance and life insurance. These are big opportunities for people and they help them to have a clear understanding of what they can get out of their lives and out of the options that they have.

Troy McQuagge is dedicated to being able to help them with these types of insurance and he knows all of the right way to give them what they are looking for. Read more: Troy McQuagge Honored as Winner in the Annual 2016 CEO World Awards CEO of the Year: Insurance

Even when people have issues with the company, Troy McQuagge is there to help. Whether it is an employee who is trying to make sure that he or she is being treated fairly or it is a customer of the company who wants all of the different options, Troy McQuagge is sure to give them what they are looking for.

He is committed to the help that he can provide to them and knows what he needs to do to give them what they are looking for. Without his help, many people would not be able to have their issues solved.

Glassdoor reveals that it can sometimes be complicated to run an insurance company, but Troy McQuagge does it without hesitation. He knows what he needs to do and he tries his best to give people these options.

Since Troy McQuagge first became the CEO of the company, he has been giving people exactly what they need to make more improvements to their lives on their own.

Troy McQuagge is committed to the insurance of the people who he tries to help and he has remained committed throughout the length of time that he has tried doing business with these people.

Marc Sparks Is The Rightful Definition Of A Social Entrepreneur

Marc Sparks is not your average entrepreneur; the serial businessman builds companies with valor and innovation. He owns a family office and is the man behind Spark Tank. Spark Tank is a creative concept that focuses on social service entrepreneurs and their revolutionary ideas. Successful applicants are judged on the impact of their projects to communities.


Spark Tank is a concept that was built with the objective of creating an impact in communities across the US. The idea was born after Marc Sparks succeeded in supporting the Samaritan Inn, another excellent project that provides shelter to the homeless. On the early days, the Samaritan Inn was a simple social services project, but it has grown over time to become a source of shelter and food to over 200 people every day. The Samaritan Inn operates on a $3 million annual budget.


On August 2016, Marc Sparks together with Lynne Sipiora were ecstatic to present a winner with the second Spark Tank award; Mommies in Need. Spark Tank award is in the form of a grant and is awarded to small community organizations that are non-profit in nature. The grant is in the form of $5,000 grant and can be used by the winner as funds for their non-profit venture.


Mommies in Need, the second winner of Spark Tank award, is an organization that helps families who require childcare support due to factors such as health challenges and emergencies but is not capable of affording a nanny. The team offers nanny services to such families at zero cost.


For organizations to qualify for the Spark Tank award, they have to be a 501c3 organization that has run their operations for two years or more. The contenders are given an opportunity to pitch their ideas against the Spark Tank panel and answer questions from the jury. Spark Tank board then settles on the idea with the most impact on communities and the Spark Tank program itself.


Marc Sparks is an acclaimed entrepreneur. Through his zeal and hard work, he has been the reason behind the success of some enterprises. He is the majority shareholder in companies that are dominating the technology space such as Blu Jay Wireless, Cardinal Telecom, LLC and Cobalt Real Estate Services, LLC.


Marc Sparks has built a fortune for himself creating business solutions for communities in Dallas and the US as a whole. He is passionate about bringing change to communities, and this informs his resolve to fund community projects. So as to have a greater impact on more people and nurture them on their journey to business success, he has written a book titled, “They Can’t Eat You.” The book aims at guiding entrepreneurs to begin their trade as soon as they finish high school.


Sergio Cortes Helps Make Sure Every State in Brazil Has Better Health Services

Niteroi has named a new state health director, and she was welcomed in by a visit from Sergio Cortes who is the federal health director. Dr. Sergio Cortes is a good man who is trying to manage all the care that people need for the whole country, but he also comes out to help people who are in need of assistance at the state level.

Sergio Cortes wants to make sure that Gisela was given a good welcome in her new role, and he wanted to show her the support that she needed so that she could do her job better. People in the state are more likely to believe in the state health services if they are backed up by the federal government. Sergio Cortes is the face of the federal health service, and he wants to make sure that people know that face when they are looking for the right kinds of health care for them and their families.

Sergio Cortes also wants people to know that he can respond in any crisis. He wants people to remember all the good work he has done for people who have been hit by natural disasters, and he wants to show all the people even the farthest reaches of the country know that he is there to help.

The country also needs to have a more comprehensive system of health care, and that is why Cortes wants to help. He wants to integrate all the things people need into a system he can manage. His vision will make it easier for people to be touched by the health care system.

The best part of working with someone like Sergio Cortes is that he has the best interests of all the people at heart. He is someone who knows how to support his regional directors, and he knows how to get federal money flowing when it is needed.

A Close Review Of The Professional Career And Life Of Eric Pulier

Based in Los Angeles, Eric Pulier is a respected entrepreneur, philanthropist and author, who has impacted the business world and social communities positively. His contribution to supporting startups cannot be overlooked while he has also invested heavily to ensure those with special conditions are catered for to become part of the society and to lead normal lives.

He has founded several companies that have stood up in the market for years. Some of the most successful companies Eric Pulier founded include Akana, Media Platform and Digital Evolution. He has invested largely in capital funds and charitable organizations and has been a mentor to many aspiring entrepreneurs.

Early life and education
Pulier grew up in New Jersey and attended early school in the same region. He had a lot of passion for programming and computing, a passion that drove him into, while in high school, launching his first computer database company. He attended the Harvard University, where he pursued English and American Literature. He took up a role as an editor and columnist for The Harvard Crimson. He also joined MIT for some classes in computer science. He completed his bachelor’s degree in 1988 graduating magna cum laude.

Position in government projects
Owing to his outstanding performance and professional record, Eric Pulier was listed among professionals that would build and run the 1997 Presidential Technology Exhibition that was held during the second inauguration of the president and his vice.

Mr. Pulier proved his prowess by neatly presenting the project. He divided the whole session into sections, each handling a distinct subject like education, healthcare, government, family, entertainment, environment and space exploration. At the peak of the program, he effected a live feed that allowed interaction with shuttle astronauts. His presentation was applauded, something that led the government to shortlist him for more projects.

Starbright World
To form Starbright World, Eric Pulier offered financial support and availed the technical requirements that would make it possible to establish the company. Starbright World is a community that supports children with chronic diseases.

The Life of John Goullet

There are a lot of people who dream of running and operating companies. John Goullet is a person who has had a lot of success in this area. He is currently the principal executive of Divergent, which is one of the largest companies in his entire industry. Over the past few years, John Goullet has worked to make his company great within his overall industry. There are many people who look up to his hard work and his success. If you are someone who wants to start your own business, he is a great example of what you can accomplish.

Early Life of John Goullet

From the time he was young, John knew that he wanted to accomplish something great. This passion to succeed would serve him well in the later years of his life. There are a lot of people who would have given up based on everything that he had to go through. However, he knew that in order to succeed he would have to press forward to accomplish his goals. There are many ways in which he has changed the future of his company simply by working harder and figuring out a way to succeed over time.

Future Plans

In the future, Goullet plans on continuing to build his business and influence others. He spends a lot of his time helping other people accomplish their goals. Over time, he is a great example of what one person can accomplish just by working hard and being passionate about their work. There are many people who look up to his hard work and success.

Instead of looking at the challenges that he faced, he was able to find opportunities within his business. This is a great example of what a person can accomplish once they put their mind to it. He will continue to help others simply because he has a great track record of success.

Highland Capital Continues to Grow

James Dondero is one of them most dynamic leaders in the investment industry. Over the past few years, a lot of people have figured out how to manage their money. This is because Highland Capital has helped them in this area. Every year, the company works to manage the investment plans of thousands of people. As the economy improves from the recession, it is important to take advantage and start planning your retirement. A lot of people do not realize the positive impact they can make on their retirement simply by investing early and stay consistent. This is a message that James has tried to put out to his clients over the years. Everyone has the ability to build high amounts of wealth if they are just consistent in how they do so.

James Dondero

From an early age, James Dondero wanted to help other people succeed. A lot of people do not realize all of the work that went into his business. Starting a business is never easy, but a lot of people simply cannot imagine working the hours that he did. Dondero has a burning passion to help other people in their finances. This is why the company has had so much success in recent years. Many people are shocked to learn that they have the income to build wealth if they can just stay consistent. James Dondero knows what it takes to impact the lives of others, and he is using that to make a difference in the world of personal finance.

Future Plans

In the future, Dondero plans on continuing to build his business. There are a lot of people who do not understand how to manage their money. Dondero wants to reach all of these people with Highland Capital.  If you are someone who needs help with your personal finances, this is a great company to work with because they truly care about their clients.

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