The Unmatched Career of Brian Torchin

Brian Torchin is an outstanding veteran as far as the healthcare industry is concerned. He is a graduate of Delaware University who lives in the North Eastern part of Pennsylvania. Currently, Brian serves as the president of healthcare recruitment counselors (HCRC).

He first thought of the idea of providing the clientele with the best staff possible when he was working as a physician in chiropractic practice. Together with his colleagues, they saw the need of creating a welcoming environment for patients by recruiting the best workers.

Brian then later began his recruiting services in Philadelphia where he opened offices to recruit potential job seekers. He further opened more offices in Florida and Delaware and operated them.

Due to his passion and dedication to this work, Brian quickly grew to become the Top Healthcare Recruiter in the World thus, acquiring his current position as the President of Healthcare Counselors. He has, since then, expanded his services overseas whereby nations like Australia, Asia, and Europe are enjoying them too.

The Healthcare Recruitment Counselors Staffing does the following on behave of their clients:

  • Carry out professional Consultation
  • Do background checks
  • Train potential job seekers.

It is a great advantage to their customers for it saves them the hassle of doing all that.

Torchin has also created HCRC blog that he refers to as “a blog to learn pitfalls when hiring a chiropractor, and the best ways to hire staff members.” He consistently posts various topics concerning the healthcare sector on the blog. He also publishes articles on ‘tips’ to hire employees from social sites like Linkin. He also advises medical workers, patients, and other customers on the best working conditions for efficient delivery of services.

According to Glassdoor, Brian’s concerns on the importance of creating a ‘patient friendly environment’ are well known to all who know him. For instance, Dr. Mayer Green, from Consultants of America once gave a positive remark about Brian Torchin saying that his “integrity and professionalism are unmatched.”

It can truly be stated that Brian Torchin has improved the quality of the staff in the healthcare sector due to his hard work, dedication, and quest to provide the best environment for patients across the world.