Brian Torchin’s Healthcare Staffing Agency

Brian Torchin is someone who knows what makes healthcare facilities tick. Through his HCRC staffing agency, Brian Torchin has helped staff some of the finest hospitals in America.

His agency provides a two sided service. He staffs healthcare facilities, but he also gives medical professionals services needed to advance their careers.

Through his agency medical professionals receive not only job placement but also job counseling services. Torchin does this because he knows how difficult it is for many medical professionals to find employment. From nurses to doctors employment in the healthcare industry is often challenging to obtain for most healthcare workers.

Brian Torchin is himself a medical professional who’d experience in healthcare is unparalleled. Using the know how he gained from his work, he now seeks to give those same opportunities to those seeking to get further in the healthcare industry.

Based in Philadelphia, he has provided job counseling and staffing services in all 50 states and throughout the world. The range of jobs he covers is incredibly broad. Everything from chiropractic professionals to dentists and podiatrists will find themselves covered by Torchin’s amazing staffing agency.

Glassdoor revealed that Brian Torchin knows specialties are a vital part of the healthcare industry and sees the challenges they may have in finding employment.

The volume of medical professionals Brian Torchin deals with is well beyond the normal expectations of most working in the healthcare agency.

There are always physicians ready to work and he always finds hospitals more than ready to take them. It isn’t any surprise this company has been around for as long as it has.

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