Life Line Screening’s Andrew Manganaro Preaches Benefits of Preventative Screening recently sat down with Life Line Screening’s Andrew Manganaro to discuss the importance of Preventative Screening. Manganaro, who is responsible for ensuring that protocol is followed in every procedure, spoke highly and passionately about Life Line Screening, ensuring that the company was operating at full capacity.

According to Manganaro, Life Line Screening is the largest preventive screening company in the United States. It isn’t an unfounded claim either; since 1996, Life Line Screening has screened over eight million individuals. Manganaro was a heart surgeon before joining Life Line, and as such witnessed the horrific effects of dormant cardiovascular disease first hand. This hands on experience serves to fuel the passion Manganaro has for his work with the company.

The interview serves as an excellent primer for anyone unfamiliar with preventative screening, as Manganaro gives an in-depth look at what makes the procedures unique. Through the use of ultrasound and EKG screenings, these methods go much further than a simple check-up with one’s local physician. The interview concludes with Manganaro ensuring the reader that Life Line Screening will continue to adapt and develop bleeding-edge procedures and screenings for their patients.

The passion Life Line Screening has for the work their job is tangible. Every employee and medical professional working for the company is dedicated to improving the quality of life for their patients. Pseudoscience this is not; nine out of ten physicians support preventative screening, sighting the same benefits Manganaro preached in his interview. Over two millions cases of heart attack and stroke have been screened, as well as thirty-five thousand identified cases of vascular diseases. Life Line Screening aims to be more than their patient’s doctors. Their mission statement makes them out more as partners in the shared goal of lasting health. Click here to know more.