George Soros & Other Major Players Gather For “Trump” Conference After Election

The Democracy Alliance club (DA) met less than a week after Donald Trump won the U.S. Presidency. George Soros and other major liberal funders gathered with Ellison, Warren, and Pelosi, as well as top union executives to regroup and discuss battle plans for the future. Soros himself donated $25 million to the Clinton campaign and other democratic causes in 2016. Other liberals also spent millions trying to get Clinton into the Whitehouse.

In a closed door meeting held in Washington, the talks were centered on ways to use what cash remains to fight President Elect Trump any way they can. This meeting of George Soros was the first gathering of major powers opposing Trump since his landslide victory over Clinton, and according to sources, they plan to fight President Trump every step of the way.

President of the DA, Gara LaMarche says that reassessment is definitely in order. He believes that you “don’t lose an election you were supposed to win” unless mistakes are made in key areas. LaMarche urges the DA to skip recriminations and instead focus on getting ready to resist Trump’s administration in every way possible.

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Many liberals are now rethinking their method of approach to politics. The DA and George Soros has spent the last ten years focusing their influence, and quite a bit of their cash on Hilary Clinton. The DA group feels that women and minorities are a large part of what they call a “rising American electorate” that could easily sway future elections to the Democratic party.

Since its founding in 2005, the DA has funneled more than $500 million towards a variety of causes or groups. They include Media Matters, the Center for American Progress, and the data firm Catalist among many others. How these groups and George Soros will survive and adapt to Trump’s administration is foggy at best. All of them are operated by Clinton allies who had representatives at the Washington meeting of the DA.

No one in the DA knows exactly what the future holds, but they have begun the fight to shape it as best they can.  The DA will be reevaluating the polling system itself and how it could have gone so wrong. Also included on the agenda is the importance of steering cash to state legislative policy battles where Republicans were the winners this time around.

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