EOS Lip Balm Becomes Incredibly Easy to Spot

Anyone that has been to a recent baby shower or wedding shower may have found themselves eyeing some of the lip balm spheres that were created by the Evolution of Smooth. These colorful spear shape containers have started to pop up in places where many people may not have expected. It is the colorful look of these products that have made it easy for consumers to buy these products in bulk and decorate for certain events. This is one of the reasons that this company is selling more than a million of EOS lip balm pods weekly.

It has become a brand that people simply recognize without effort. It is moving off the shelf at a much faster rate than companies like Blistex or Chapstick. This is all due to the excellent marketing that has been put in place by the owners of the Evolution of Smooth. This is considered a small company in comparison to other bigger well-known companies like Chapstick that have been around for a much longer period.

Anyone that has managed to take a look at the bountiful amount of spears that are available are well aware that these are easy to spot. When consumers come into a Walgreens or Walmart it is evident that these are the products that are going to stand out more so than any of the other lip balm products out there. That was a big part of the marketing strategy for these products, and now it is easy to spot these spears instantly when celebrities pull this from their purses.

It has become the type of product that doesn’t need a lot of marketing anymore. The groundwork has already been laid and the celebrity appeal is giving this product even more of a boost. Consumers recognize this product line easily. For more info, visit evolutionofsmooth.com.