The New Brunswick, NJ Shootings Incidences

On October 7, 2015, New Brunswick, NJ police responded to a stress call, it was a call reporting an active shooting. One person was hurt in the New Brunswick Apartments. The apartment had made it name due to the rising cases of the criminal activities and unpleasant deeds in the recent years. At approximately 9:30 pm, it was reported that three or four shots were heard in the area of the building number one. The spokesperson for NBPD, Captain JT Miller said that an individual made his way to Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital with minor injuries as a result of gunshot wound.



According to the police, the victim of the shooting was taken to the hospital by a person driving a Honda. The description of the suspect is that he was wearing a hoodie. According to the witness the suspect may flee towards Nilsen Street. The name of the suspect and victim were withheld during the time of investigation probably because of the charges that were to follow.



New Brunswick area has some other criminal activities record, for example, the shooting of a pizza delivery man after which the police charged a resident with the crime. The suspect was 21 years old whose street names are P gun and Pistol was believed to as the leader of the three gunman crew that perpetrated the crime. According to the sources, the delivery man made his way to the residence of the N building of a housing complex on Quincy Circle. However, the resident said that no pizza had been ordered, on walking back to his vehicle the delivery man was being waited for by Parysh and his friends. One of the suspects demanded the money after showing his handgun. Prior to shooting the driver and fleeing, the suspects stole money, driver’s wallet and pizza.



The witnesses stated that the suspected had run away using an old dark minivan. The main thing that the detectives focused on was the cell phone area mapping during the time of the crime. According to the Raymond Hayducka the NBPD chief, though it took four months to identify the suspect, the crime was solved as a result of the investigator persistence. The suspect identified as Wood was charged with the crime and while he was in jail because of other charges.