George Soros Embraces Role as Progressive Leader

To the vast majority of political junkies in the world George Soros is a name that does not need to be followed with an introduction. However, every day people who don’t scrounge the latest political news may not know just how full of impact the man has been to the United States political machine and the role of progressive values in the United States and abroad. George Soros is a Hungarian born New Yorker who has spent the better part of his life working toward bringing democratic values to places all around the world and even in his adopted home, the United States. Soros is a staunch progressive, a self made billionaire, and someone who has vowed to stand against President Donald Trump’s caustic and dangerous campaign promises.

George Soros was likely watching from the sidelines in horror when Donald Trump was handed the keys to the Republican party back during the 2016 Presidential Election. Trump was a reality show TV star who inherited his wealth from his father and was known as much for getting sued as he was for ‘business’. To make matters worse, Trump bought in wholesale to a brand of violent, deranged nationalism that hearkens back to the ’40s in Germany — something with which George Soros has firsthand experience. Seeing Trump take the lead in the Presidential election was enough to get Soros up and out, back into the arena in order to take up the progressive fight.

George Soros got back into politics in order to stand against Trump’s dangerous brand of rhetoric. A lifelong progressive, and someone who has donated nearly $12 billion in charity through the Open Society Foundations, Soros knows the power of a well placed campaign contribution. Let’s face it, America’s right wing political party is the group of billionaires. Democrats and progressives don’t often have a chance to outspend their opponents, but every dollar helps. Soros’ returned to politics in time to boost Hillary Clinton’s political action committees with nearly $25 million in contributions.

These contributions went toward a litany of different objectives that the progressive party embraced, including immigrant rights, voting rights for Americans everywhere, and more. Soros own adviser, Michael Vachon, said that “This year the political stakes are exceptionally high.”Returning to politics may look like a no brainer to outside viewers but it wasn’t an easy decision for George Soros. Soros has largely stepped aside from the wider national elections in order to focus his work on the small local elections. His focus has always been to generate passion in the people in order to embrace their rights and fight for their own future. Coming back to the national stage was a big step and it bodes well for the progressive party.

One Woman’s Life of Philanthropy–Betsy DeVos

Besty DeVos has had a long history of philanthropic involvement focusing on education. She has co-chaired the family foundation in Grand Rapids, Michigan supporting schools and school choice in the state. The foundation supports the West Michigan Aviation Academy a charter high school geared to aviation and housed at the Gerald R. Ford International Airport in Grand Rapids.

Betsy Devos chaired the American Federation for Children (AFC) a 501 (c) (4), along with former Connecticut Senator Joseph Lieberman and former news anchor Campbell Brown. She serves on the board of Foundation for Excellence in Education (FEE). This organization is an education think tank founded by Jeb Bush former Florida governor. DeVos served on this board with former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice, former NYC public schools Chancellor Joel Klien and Charles Schwab.

Betsy DeVos and her husband established the Dick & Betsy DeVos Family Foundation in 1989. The foundation focused on Michigan community needs, though it also contributes to healthcare and arts. DeVos has served as the Char of the Board of Directors for the Philanthropy Roundtable and the American Federation for Children. She has served on other organizations including the ArtPrize international competition and the Florida education reform non-profit Foundation for Excellence in Education. The other organization she has served was the University of Maryland DeVos Institute for Arts management and former chairperson of The Windquest Group. Earlier Betsy DeVos served on a family foundation, a charity organization The Prince Foundation originally named the Edgar and Elsa Prince Foundation.


Betsy DeVos has spent decades in philanthropy efforts mostly focusing on education in Michigan and school choice. Believing children should have the best education for their unique needs, since visiting Potter House Christian School and meeting some of the low-income parents. She and her husband saw a need to support parents to decide what type of schooling is best for their child. Betsy DeVos and her husband have donated approximately $139 million to charity and in 2015 she donated from the foundation more than $11.6 million. Between 2004 and 2010 DeVos donated $22.5 million to the Action Institute, ArtPrize, and the Kennedy Center.

She has looked for innovative solutions to social problems affecting children through reform in non-profit rolls. DeVos said in a Philanthropy Roundtable interview it was not one single incident that drew her in, it happened gradually. During a time when her children were in school and she has spent over 30 years to ensure low-income children could have the best education. While she has spent decades fighting through the different organizations and charities DeVos said in the interview she has high standards for education no matter where it takes place. The question was about charter schools, home schooling, and others she has supported through philanthropy efforts. Check this article from New York Post.