Omar Yune The Pride of Mexico’s Frachisee Field

Omar Yune is one of the Most Talented Mexican Franchisees with a love for the hospitality industry. His story as a franchisee began when he was only 21 youths. Unlike many people of his age, he was already building a future for himself. He knew that you don’t have to have much money so as to be successful. With a good plan and the will to work on the small that you have, you will get everywhere.

Therefore, as a young adult, he applied to get a license to work as a franchisee for Sushi Itto, a Japanese food network. If you asked him at the time if he thought he would come to be one of the biggest franchisee of Sushi Itto, he might not have thought he would achieve such success in such a small time. But, you know hard work and motivation will get you everywhere. Courtesy of his influence and contributions of the Sushi Itto network, he is now an award-winning franchisee. He emerged the winner of the Best Franchisee of the World,in the year 2015. He was recognized as the best Franchisee out of the 34 contestants.

His win showed that Mexican brands are taking over the world, especially in the most important industries, like the hospitality industry. No longer are Mexican brands only respected within the regional confines. Today, these brands have beaten the odds to show that they can do as well as other countries, even better.

After winning the award, Yune expressed his pride noting that he would not have won were it not for the support of his team of 400 employees in his 13 Franchise Units. The CEO of the Sushi Itto Network, Benjamin Cancelmo, also commented on the win. He said that the award was a show that his brand had indeed built a reputation for excellent customer service and palatable flavors of their products.

Another person who seemed to be pleased with Omar Yune winning the BFW, is Diego Elizarrarrás. He is the organizer for BFW Mexico and acknowledged his pleasure in seeing Mexico brands go beyond regional borders.

Securus Technologies’ Customers Are Using Technology

Securus Technologies is providing technologies that are able to revolutionize the entire incarceration environment. This way they are able to help facilities in improving public safety.

Securus Technologies is informing about what its customer are saying about using technology in order to solve as well as prevent crimes. These would include the inmate-on-inmate crimes too.

There have been a lot of comments coming in through formal letters as well as emails received from jail officials from all around the United States. These are officials who have the task of preventing as well as solving crimes in prisons. They are required to make the incarceration environment much better as well as safer.

These comments talk about new products or services being developed to aid law enforcement along with corrections officials for solving as well as preventing crimes. They are receiving thousands of letters as well as emails about what Securus Technologies is building. There are comments on what they are doing in order to keep society, as well as inmates and their families, and even the parolees safe.

For Securus Technologies, building safety is the highest priority. They are focused on protecting as well as serving.

Their customers appreciate the assistance they get on cases by using information from the data on phone calls. This helps in obtaining search warrants in cases of corruption and so on. This leads to solving many cases.

The prison officials are also monitoring calls that contain information regarding alcohol use, or drug selling and even drugs being used in the facility. There can be other calls that refer to possible access of an inmate to a cellular device, or else threats of any kind or any suspicious conversation with regard to money being transferred. There are calls which pertain to any past incident that may involve shots being fired. There may even be a reference to any civilian admitting towards the sale of prescription drugs for a discount.