Kim Dao Takes A Shopping Trip With Sunny

Kim Dao is planning to spend the day with Sunny. She wants to do some shopping but she isn’t sure how much she can spend because her money has not been deposited to her bank card yet. She has a small headache so she wants to get a coffee. She didn’t feel well last night so she couldn’t get much sleep. They have arrived early for their event but decide to kill some time by shopping. Kim Dao gets a bag full of products from her meeting. She gets a Starbucks drink afterwards. Learn more:


They have arrived in Hongdae. They look around and window shop. Kim Dao tries on some clothes. She purchased a pair of jeans and some shoes. They have fried chicken for lunch. They made it back home to rest. Kim Dao does a haul of the things she purchased while they were out. She also shows the things she received in her gift bag from W Lab. She received a lot of makeup products from them. Learn more:


She plays with her dog. Kim Dao took a shower and answers the questions from the previous video. She will be moving in the new apartment in Australia with her boyfriend in September. Her plans for tomorrow consists of spending time with her friend. They will be getting some lunch and doing some planning for an upcoming trip together. She heads to bed. Learn more:


Check out her video here.


Enjoying A Fun Weekend In Tokyo, Japan With Kim Dao

Australian video blogger Kim Dao takes viewers along with her on a fun-filled weekend in Tokyo, Japan, in one of her entertaining videos that was published in May, 2016.


The video opens with Kim Dao and a few friends walking through a Tokyo subway station. From there, the girls head to the Harajuku shopping and fashion district to get something to eat.


As the video shows clear street views of Harajuku, one can see a sign for a major American burger chain amidst an assortment of other business signs that are written in Japanese.


Kim Dao and friends visit several retail establishments, including a fashion accessories store, a shop that specializes in cat-related merchandise, and a clothing boutique.


After shopping for a while, the girls stop in at a YouTube party where some of Kim’s videos are being promoted. At the party, there are large, attractive platters of finger sandwiches, fruits and vegetables, and a nice selection of cupcakes.


Kim Dao visits a Subway restaurant for lunch in another scene in the video. She gets her nails done, then visits a Starbucks location, and a Mister Donut store. The large presence that U.S.-based restaurant chains have in Japan can easily be seen in this warm and friendly Kim Dao presentation.


The dialogue in this video is accentuated by jazzy, flute-led instrumental music, and overall, the video is quite interesting.