Today, people are very mindful of the types of foods they are taking into their bodies. There are very few people who are currently taking food without paying attention to the number of nutrients they have been taking and whether they have the necessary strategies that are helping them to stay away from unhealthy cabs that have been the primary source of multiple diseases (Crunchbase).


Tom Chang MD indicates that the motivation towards the current healthy eating is against dealing with the current lifestyle problems that most people have been diagnosed with. However, there is very little attention that is currently being directed to the health of the eyes, which is an emerging problem that most individuals have already started to notice. Traditionally, people have never consumed food for the well-being of their eyes. There has always been a perception that eyes are self-preserving and that they have been dealing with most of the health problems that they have been facing. 


Tom Chang MD agrees to the extent that eyes have been structured in a way that they attend to most of the complex problems that they have been facing. However, this does not mean that people should not eat with the focus on enhancing their own eye health. According to Tom Chang MD, this is something that everyone out there in the market should make sure they have already incorporated if they are highly interested in achieving consistent success in their eyes. Tom Chang MD notes that consuming leafy greens and vitamins will improve the wellbeing of their eyes.